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  1. Literally No. at all. I dont give about ANY combos. H2A has Way better Custom settings and a Forge Mode. probably the best one. And i actually like that it has the AR for variety. H2A 9 times out of 10 unless its for campaign or you just HAVE to play a DLC btb map
  2. Wrong. 6 Player Rumble Pit is an Isolated Trivialized Vacancy of Dog Shit. Where a Player Can Romp and Wander, and Locate someone Once Every Decade. I've never felt a more Purposeless Mode. 8 Player Rumble Pit is Catered toward a Rhythmatic High octane engagement pace. Rumble Pit is supposed to be RUMBLE. PIT. A True Man's gladiator Ring. Not your Fucking Sterile Random Encounter Wandering Simulator
  3. Infinite has been Renamed to Halostiny. A game taking 3 Years of poverty Dlc to compile a mediocre story. And you can grind for skins
  4. The price isn't too worth it but In honesty you will have better framerate for things like 2 and 4p Splitscreen and overall in the campaigns an such if you're playing on the One X. to me that matters but its whatever. 4K doesn't matter whatsoever against the simple refinements to performance and visuals
  5. "The vast majority of the testing sessions and fixes have been focused on Halo 3"... Aaayyyeeeeeeeeeee tho
  6. I dont know shit about it but my Placebo is that the Aim speed feels doubled by the 60 fps jump, maybe it isnt, but since they havent really touched the aim code, it would seem to me that the Aim feels twice as strong on a specific setting as it did with 30 fps. this doesnt explain halo 5 but it may be similar. I was always pretty comfortable with 4 back in the day and Now i play on straight up 2 and havent looked back for a second. and 10 Sens feels almost CoD 14 speed. maybe a brain thing
  7. Im only Negging you becuase ill never be able to shoot with my damn middle finger Feel good about yourself
  8. A Wall Kick will never Be good or Engaging in any First Person Game Ever Period
  9. Headshots literally Do not Register. Period. Insider Is Complete Ruined DogShit
  10. I'm Watching Ogre2 right now and the MCC Insider is complete Unplayable DogShit
  11. Thrust with B or you're Wrong. You Don't have to Press A and B at the same time ever. You Jump, then you Dash. thats how its done. switching between A and B with thumb is Better than constantly away from your shoot button. And i fucking hate shooting with my middle finger
  12. why Don't you put your fucking thinking Cap on and actually Hate 343 for a stretch. All the Athletes do it
  13. With the Next Forge Im sure we'll be able to make Maps out of Weapons s/
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