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  1. one of the biggest issues was ESL and their management of the game. we would pull huge numbers and then wait 2 months to announce the next event. there was no roadmap and they did nothing to keep people interested between events. imagine if they had a 6-12 month roadmap after the massive first hwc. or after the pro league finals. then they killed off pro league. there was just no love for the game or the community there even though we would pull massive viewing numbers. i remember the last fall finals before pistol starts had 60k viewers. we had people coming up but every event had shit like incorrect graphics, champ mondays, 10 man listen ins that drove away the casual community that didnt want to deal with that shit
  2. i wish 343 could release an infinite beta while we're on quarantine. that would get a lot of people online and looking forward to this launch
  3. that had to be one of the best moments in mlg history. that, the walshy nouble needles, and the walshy trash talk when he would be final boss. like taking candy from a baby, but a baby wouldve put up a better fight edit:
  4. i feelike we've been complaining about this since the end of h3. and then when someone did try to stream and build consistent content, all the other pros scoffed at it. now ninja has 0 interest in the game and is one of the faces of streaming.
  5. is there any hope for some more let's play for us to enjoy while on lockdown?
  6. remember the event where the observer account name was leaked and we saw message notifications on stream? the legend of stick beast 73 lives on
  7. e3 has been heading this way for awhile and the corona scare pushed it over the edge. MS and 343 have the ability to produce their own shows like nintendo and sony do so i would imagine they'll do the same here. in fact, i'd prefer a massive halo reveal stream vs it being shoehorned into an hour long show
  8. this is why im super pumped about @Clapcoming back and promising a full 12 month roadmap. i would love to make it to a halo event but its currently impossible with 1-2 months advance notice
  9. i think one of the biggest missed points is that h2 and h3 servers are offline meaning that lan is the only way to play them. its so much easier to have a growing community for easily accessible games. before mcc started functioning, the only way to play h2 and h3 were either couch coop or lan. there is no way to grow a community around that. cs 1.6 still has servers online. even smash has an ai mode to let you get the feel of the game. there is a lot that the pros and community couldve done and still should be doing in terms of content creation, but blaming us for moving to the next game is silly
  10. good vid from @Wonderboy going over some things he liks/dislikes from a broadcast perspective
  11. i think they said 50 team passes were sold at the beginning of the weekend
  12. @Clap has already put out a call for map testers to work for esports engine. they will probably make their own settings like they did with mlg back in the day
  13. Got to meet @GoldenboyFTW in dc owl homestand today. Thanks for talking to me about infinite!
  14. stream is live! i can't wait for the reurn of Walshy to the desk https://mixer.com/DreamHackHalo
  15. MLG is still an acti/blizz company but its not really doing anything since owl and cdl teams have to put together their own events. this is just adam and his crew forming a new company vs sitting on their thumbs. hecz has a good interview with @Clap about this stuff
  16. he's come to save us. a full 12 month roadmap and i love how iconic that vision moment has become
  17. nrg just let go of the optic gears team, there is no way they'd then pick up halo. maybe infinite can get orgs interested again, but somehow i dont see it happening

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