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  1. you know, i did actually enjoy the forward unto dawn series leading up to h4. if this show can get that level i'd be ok with it. not enough to make me buy showtime, but enough to get me to wait for it to pop up on youtube
  2. i mean this shit has been in limbo for 6 years now. i dont honestly expect anyone that great to be lining up to do this. iirc, if this had been handled properly from the beginning, the rumor was that peter jackson wouldve been given this series
  3. not infinite news but a little more about the halo tv show https://www.polygon.com/tv/2019/2/21/18234855/halo-tv-show-director-episodes-showtime
  4. Looks like elevate has made a roster change https://noobcombo.com/2019/02/20/elevate-roster-change-2/ Zurka, guntype, penguin, and tripppey. Saiyan is gonna just stram till infinite
  5. i think interest in halo will continue to drop until we get more infinite details. i'm hoping they start using events to tease the new game
  6. yeah it feels like a way to squeeze money out of a scene vs doing something to develop/grow the scene. i dont see many orgs wanting to pay to reenter cod and i see it killing off smaller orgs. i'm not a fan of eliminating the open format that grew the scene
  7. well, owl is profitable so far. they made a lot from the broadcast rights to twitch and disney. for the home/away thing, the lastt idea i saw seems to be to move the whole division city to city. it seems like a pretty harsh schedule especial with teams in france, england, china, and south korea. i could see a lot of burnout
  8. this looks like something i would love to bring my kids to and try to get them into the halo universe. it looks like it could be a lot of fun for something like that. it sounds like it could be a lot of fun. i wish they built a mock up to take pictures r video of so we could actually see what it looks like. if i'm spending $600 for a weekend for my family i want to know im not entering tumblr con 2.0
  9. crap that sucks. i'll post as straight links https://www.twitch.tv/videos/374240672?t=01h56m19s sundance and walshy skip to closer to 2 hours this clip goes into some great history https://www.twitch.tv/videos/374240672?t=06h40m41s some histoy with walshy, puckett, and sundance https://www.twitch.tv/videos/373841906?t=01h16m22s (i like the convo starting here, but you can skip to https://www.twitch.tv/videos/373841906?t=01h37m47s for the good stuff)

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