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  1. remember when cratos left for cod lol. in all seriousness though, i bet snipedown could do well in cod. dadbite too
  2. wow time splitters is a name i havent heard in a long time. it definitely couldve used a lot more polish, but i thought it was a good way to add content outside of map packs for a substandard multiplayer
  3. i thought the Spartan Ops missions in H4 were one of the best additions to Halo that 343 gave us. i was disappointed that they weren't apart of H5
  4. if this were on mainstage at dreamhack my heart would explode. imagine a caster or all-star 4v4 on this
  5. So you're going by "Proto" now nerd? Haha whats up douche bag, it's Tanner from Highschool. Remember me? Me and the guys used to give you a hard time in school. Sorry you were just an easy target lol. I can see not much has changed. Remember Sarah the girl you had a crush on? Yeah we're married now. I make over 200k a year and drive a mustang GT. I guess some things never change huh loser? Nice catching up lol. Pathetic..
  6. i know its no jiffy lube championship but dreamhack will be awesome and i care. next step is to get @Clap running a grassroots event

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