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  1. i would agree but gears and cod seem to be doing well in their space. blame the game not the platform
  2. you know a game is bad when the microtransactions make it pay to lose
  3. i remember the last game of h5 i played before i uninstalled. it felt like i was moving my pistol through molasses and no change to sensitivity had any effect
  4. good interview with @Clap even though there wasnt enough halo talk for my taste
  5. i for one look forward to squinting at grey on grey maps while 343 forgets to implement the NBNS version they created
  6. Getting ready for grand finals while everything is boxed up around them is such a sad look
  7. How tf did lux let lethul tie that game. Holy shit 189-189 oddball
  8. This amount of hardware issues this event is so dumb. Snakebite is pissed about apg's controller
  9. we need a lot tbh. a solid launch, a game that doesn't crash like we've seen all day support from 343, twitch, and Microsoft for promoting the events (done with @Clapat the helm, and paid promo streams. it couldn't hurt to try and buy add space for hcs on larger games broadcasts. either we go all in or just let the scene die
  10. its fun not seeing sidestations while jimbo is in the bathroom

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