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  1. i think they said 50 team passes were sold at the beginning of the weekend
  2. @Clap has already put out a call for map testers to work for esports engine. they will probably make their own settings like they did with mlg back in the day
  3. Got to meet @GoldenboyFTW in dc owl homestand today. Thanks for talking to me about infinite!
  4. stream is live! i can't wait for the reurn of Walshy to the desk https://mixer.com/DreamHackHalo
  5. MLG is still an acti/blizz company but its not really doing anything since owl and cdl teams have to put together their own events. this is just adam and his crew forming a new company vs sitting on their thumbs. hecz has a good interview with @Clap about this stuff
  6. he's come to save us. a full 12 month roadmap and i love how iconic that vision moment has become
  7. nrg just let go of the optic gears team, there is no way they'd then pick up halo. maybe infinite can get orgs interested again, but somehow i dont see it happening
  8. lol do we really think a 25 mil buy in franchised cod league will survive very long?

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