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  1. h5 vs h3 is a pointless argument to have. the newer game should always be better than the older game. but there is no point denying that the execution of h5 is what drove it into the ground. launching without expected features, heavy aim for 2+years (which they denied was a real thing until the community finally provided enough proof to force action), absurd amounts of bullet magnetisim, hitboxes big enough to give headshots when sniping knees, redundant guns and grenades littered across maps, things in game that the community asked to be removed for years (ARs, radar, splinter nades), running out of memory to add in worthwhile skins, and mechanics that forced you to buy a controller with extra buttons the final h5 settings on launch wouldve made it a vastly better game over it's lifetime on par with nbns reach or even h3. but there comes a point where you fuck up so much that the only way to salvage is to rebuild the game completely. that was never going to happen when they're also expected to release new games in the series. maybe we can get h2 4v4 events but there is no denying that h3 brings the crowds and players
  2. yeah you know I was thinking you know these skillful sniper shots and jumps are cool and all but where's the bullet magnetism and clamber. screw strafing I want thrust\ you're trying too hard to troll
  3. do you have this yet? all the cool kids have this. and it would impress puckett though dont let him teach your son about shooting rockets
  4. yeah i missed that and the saints winning to watch ugc. definitely made the right choice
  5. true detective season 3 started last night. i heard its really good
  6. great win by tox! im glad to see them stay on top in a new game. great run by denial. they really surprised me this weekend and I hope they stick together. hopefully rec and sq grind it out too.

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