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  1. i guess that confirms playing halo again. maybe he'll help promote hcs as well? he was always awesome when he was on the desk
  2. he did sponsored streams on twitch, so i have no doubt he'll dabble in pc mcc and infinite when it comes out. if his view #s are good maybe he'll stick with it for a while. this is a good move for mixer. i think mixer is honestly a good product, but just no one streams on it. maybe this will help grow the service
  3. the dude wants to the the p diddy of halo. just pick a tag and go. but not deadzone. thats a stupid name
  4. im 32. glad to know im not the only one around here lol
  5. i am hopeful that the poor playerbase numbers and fan backlash against h4/h5 has led 343 to see the error in forcing their view on halo and they scrapped a lot of previous advanced movment work to give us a more classic style game. if thats the case, then i'll take a long delay so that the devs arent in a state of perpetual crunch and we get a great game out of the gate. i still wish the hcs was running their own circuit alongside the grassroots events to retain pros and viewership though. h3 throwback, especially if the new game resembles h3 movement, is a huge opportunity to showcase and work out the kinks in their esport division
  6. I hope everyone is haveing a good 4th of july weekend.
  7. The smash community bullied the shit out of this girl to the point she deleted her twitter iirc. Its pretty sad to see them devolve like this
  8. Hecz Eavesdrop with Sundance. what an awesome conversation. it really makes me miss the old MLG days

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