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  1. wow this scene has died. im hoping we get some infinite news at dreamhack
  2. hopefully we are past the point of trying to reinvent the wheel every game and we can actually build off what we have learned from h5 and the h3 season. if so i think we could be in for a really good game. and if the pros can be part of the multiplayer desin then we can have something really special. it would be nice to see a great game come after all this halo pc excitement and revival of this franchise
  3. this will be awesome as long as cratos doesnt turn back up to steal bubu's seeding points
  4. everyone talking about breakfast and here i am just drinking coffee until lunch
  5. I love tox but id love to see roybox win an event again
  6. Biggest take away for me is that there will be pc events. Theyll start out similar to h3 at dh atl and go from there.
  7. Eco left on his own. They only decided to team for st louis since royal 2 was coming back after

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