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  1. tbf, i would prefer a predictable recoil vs random spread
  2. wasnt early Nov the initial timeframe before the graphics backlash? it seems to be a fairly standard window for games that come out for holiday season
  3. ftfy. for a janky as the aim and spread was in h3, at least the sniper didnt grant headshots for just aiming close to the body, no hit markers, no heavy aim, etc
  4. I dont really like pubg but i do like watching from time to time just to listen to @TheSimmscast
  5. i see grapplings hooks basically turning you into roadhog in overwatch if its able to connect to a player
  6. but that's the thing, 343 halo hasnt been popular. its sold well off nostalgia and an iconic name, but the releases have not really inspired the fandom. whether its the disappointing campaign or lackluster multiplayer. you only need to look at the fact that 343 will not release player population to know that its not going well. and yes people who have been around since halo was peak popularity will have strong opinions about why its declining. and of course we will disagree with the dev who wanted to handicap the game and hire people who hate halo. they stated these thing publicly going into halo 4. personally, i would love for this to succeed. i hope you're right about f2p bringing and keeping a large population. i want to be as open as @Shekkles. but honestly we've seen 343 release 2 pretty poor halos and completely botch the mcc launch and keep quite for years before even attempting to touch it. h5 was not a good halo game, but i thought it was a decent shooter if it werent a such technical mess. 343 has not earned confidence from us and from the little we've seen of infinite, it will be more of the same and was another technical mess that it was delayed from being the flagship title of the XSX after a 5 year dev cycle. i am looking forward to the pro scene if we can get players and @Clapis allowed to run the scene the way he wants
  7. also WOW was hitting its stride during this time as well and the xbox ecosystem as a whole was smaller than it is now. halo having the population it had for as long as it had it is still impressive. just because we are flooded with BRs and live service games doesnt discount what halo did
  8. i believe the last cod got only one or 2 competitive updates. fallout 76 only became playable after over a year. games like anthem will just stay defunct. warcraft 3 remastered is still missing basic features from the original game. ufc and nba 2k play unskippable adds in their games. 343 isnt the lone shitty dev in a sea of gems. more like they are pretty par for the course. still disappointing, but acti/blizz, ea, 2k, etc are out there fucking shit up just as much if not more
  9. hosetly, you can download the h2 and h3 cut scenes and get a solid feel on the story from those, so yes, you can
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