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  1. i really hope they announce a beta at the gameplay reveal in july
  2. i'll never get why a rulebook wasnt created and made public
  3. as bad as esl was, those early years had some insane personalities and story lines
  4. there's just now way to do swiss with so few rounds. in hearthstone i think they go to 9 rounds to get to a bracket. it can never end fairly with that many ties
  5. man having actual roster speculation heading into an actual event is so refreshing
  6. ok yeah so nothing on infinite until July...kinda disappointing as a beta during quarantine couldve been massive. and if they added info about the new pro circuit at the same time, we couldve gotten a lot of momentum to ride on going into release
  7. @Gaskin and @GoldenboyFTW are casting valorant twitch rivals
  8. if you need something to watch, valorant beta is out and has some halo personalities streaming now puckett: @LethuL: @SnakeBite(duoing with Lethul): @GoldenboyFTW: @Jimbo: @TheSimms:
  9. one of the biggest issues was ESL and their management of the game. we would pull huge numbers and then wait 2 months to announce the next event. there was no roadmap and they did nothing to keep people interested between events. imagine if they had a 6-12 month roadmap after the massive first hwc. or after the pro league finals. then they killed off pro league. there was just no love for the game or the community there even though we would pull massive viewing numbers. i remember the last fall finals before pistol starts had 60k viewers. we had people coming up but every event had shit like incorrect graphics, champ mondays, 10 man listen ins that drove away the casual community that didnt want to deal with that shit
  10. i wish 343 could release an infinite beta while we're on quarantine. that would get a lot of people online and looking forward to this launch
  11. that had to be one of the best moments in mlg history. that, the walshy nouble needles, and the walshy trash talk when he would be final boss. like taking candy from a baby, but a baby wouldve put up a better fight edit:

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