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  1. by the time infinite hits shelves, we'll have seen the rise and fall of a franchised cod league. cuz a 25 mil buy in for yearly game releases, most of which arent that good, and scrubbing names like optic, faze, and 100t, has to got work, right?
  2. everyone grew up on h2/h3 and is craving a return to form
  3. even without actual gameplay, I got a real ce vibe from this trailer. I know I shouldn't but im pretty hopful for infinite. the competitive scene will likely suffer for the time to wait, but I would much rather wait for a great game than rush another h4
  4. https://www.espn.com/esports/story/_/id/26775352/immortals-rejoin-lcs-following-purchase-optic-gaming
  5. yeah i have no clue why they think a franchised cod league will work for a game that has yearly releases. even if one is really, really good, you know another dev is making one to replace it. mw2 was the last cod multiplayer i really enjoyed and cod 4 was hands down the best of the last decade. and no way any non-established cod players make it into the franchised cwl next game. they shouldve already switched if they really wanted to do that
  6. at that point, 343 should be funding the entire event. if 343 intends for the hcs to take over once infinite hits, then go on and build the hcs brand and channel. but if they plan to go the valve route and just supply some prizing, then this way is fine. honestly, as long as we get a mainstage i'll be happy. and lets be honest, the viewership will be low no matter. the eu events have always had lower numbers and that'll be especially true if no na teams are coming out for it
  7. i dont think the gfinity events were any higher than 25k iirc
  8. and dont get me started with denial/rec losers semi being played off stream. that is such an important match and to miss that is esl levels of unacceptable
  9. after running other halo events, they have to have know the costs of running this sans 343's financial help. and if they're going for investment into the future of Halo and building up a channel, the way this event was showcased can't be a good look for them. dream hack halo events of the past definitely had all the mistakes of a 343 produced show, but like @Zavehi said, this felt like an afterthought. the esa orange county event had a better set up more than anything this makes me worried about the future of grassroots. production overall has been pretty lackluster and viewership is just gone. i feel that 343 should take the reigns for the last few events and use them to pump some infinite content out and really build up hype for the future. this hands off approach isnt cutting it. at this rate, i dont see the scene surviving until infinite. then again the first hwc was massive off the back of h4 so hopefully i'm wrong
  10. i normally have to watch on mobile with no sound but hot damn i can't think of any reason to not be able to have a mainstage for such a big event. or to not broadcast on the halo twitch. did the stream ever peak above 5k? no face cams. no listenins that i saw. this felt like a basement lan than a major event. the grassroots idea is noble, but that was what we needed year one. and we need you, @Onset, and walshy back for casting
  11. Tox is just so dominant. GGs to them! Here's hoping we get an event sometime soon

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