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  1. its certainly less obvious than h5. honeslty since they kept clamber and sprint, i figured this would be coming
  2. "screaming about sprint" they mentioned teambeyond!
  3. its probably gonna be just like most of h5. i prefered when they switch to just pistols, but viewership fell off around that point. even though the weapon change wasnt the cause, ibut it seems like the kind of correlation 343 will latch to
  4. so proud of those speedlines to make you feel fast...smh
  5. there are 40k people watching on YT and 26k on twitch currently. there is a lot of excitement for this game
  6. it looks...ok. those guns fire incredible fast but this could be a fun game
  7. tbf, i would prefer a predictable recoil vs random spread
  8. wasnt early Nov the initial timeframe before the graphics backlash? it seems to be a fairly standard window for games that come out for holiday season
  9. ftfy. for a janky as the aim and spread was in h3, at least the sniper didnt grant headshots for just aiming close to the body, no hit markers, no heavy aim, etc
  10. I dont really like pubg but i do like watching from time to time just to listen to @TheSimmscast
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