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  1. Sorry if this has already been spoke about, I didn't really wanna go back and look. But, why isn't there party restrictions? It's kinda ridiculous and annoying that a person going on solo can match a team of 4.
  2. Why do some people on Halo Waypoint object to even a new playlist with different settings? How would that affect them? It sounds like little kids "She got a toy, where's mine".
  3. I think this was already discovered, but is there any way to stop it? xboxdvr.com/eL+JvJ/8ecb19f7-9f53-4b10-859f-2c9be333c93e xboxdvr.com/eL+JvJ/c9dbced9-f153-412b-bac0-d89214b6709b Side note: Sorry for the poor theater recording.
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