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  1. Looking for 2 DEDICATED TEAMMATES. Play on a set schedule. Can travel/fund themselves to events/tournaments. Play in online tournaments. Run 2v2 CTF Warm-ups/Octagons. Have a good attitude, not overly ragey(It kills the mood and you probably arent as good as you think you are). Be mature, act like someone who could one day be a pro player Rank DIAMOND or HIGHER. Looking forward to playing with you guys =). Contact me @ 904-305-0194 OR Message me on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/Adaptiiion?lang=en
  2. Looking for a TO3 to compete in the HCS Open Circuit and try to go pro =) * Very competitive always looking for the win and improvement upon losses * Can grind * Can travel Just looking for a dedicated team to do so with. GT- Adaptiiion Thanks for your views and replies =)
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