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  1. Hey Halo people, I got Gamerheadz store in Southdale Mall, Edina, MN to agree to host a free, open 4v4 LAN Halo 5 tournament. It's free to enter, they have monitors, xbox one consoles, controllers, and Halo 5 games. You could bring your own controller, headset, or game if you wanted. We just need to get 4 teams, a total of 16 people to be willing to show up. Once we hit at least 4 teams I can call them and make a reservation for the tournament. Invite anyone you can, your friends, etc. We want as many teams as we can possibly get. Message me if you're interested in joining my team. Also, I'd want to do this tournament near the end of July, we can't get an exact date until we have enough people.
  2. What store was this and do they still do halo night?
  3. Hi I'm from south Minneapolis. Hit me up, FT: PythonKiller916. Are there any open LANs coming up in Minnesota? Also, what was the name of the store in Edina that did Halo night?

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