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  1. Would like name changed to "Loochy" "Loochy JG" is ok if first is not available. Thanks!
  2. You're running with Sean? I know Polarize and have played with him. Lets play later today and run games this week. I'll be on tonight.
  3. Looking for a To3 or other free agents who are 100% committed or already going to Vegas on November 18th-20th. I will be there regardless if I find a team or not to play in the FFA and mingle with everyone for the weekend. My tickets are already paid for. You don't have to be a Champ in arena to run games, but obviously looking for other ABOVE average players...preferably able to run games from 6pm-10pm EST. I work full time M-F...weekends off. Any other spare time leading up to Vegas I can be on to practice. HMU asap if you're serious about going or need an addition to your roster. GT: OmertA JG
  4. Played you yesterday and plenty times before. HMU to run. OmertA JG
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