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  1. All this talk about the top teams.... Am the only one who is wondering what the Sudds are doin? #RealityCheck For real tho, I want to see them with some teammates that don't dip on them after 1 event. It be great to see them do well.
  2. I am amazed that Naded would go to Optic. They better pick up a top tier 4th or I don't see them placing top 4.
  3. I seriously laugh at all the people who want Naded to go to Optic. They are garbage. I think this favorite confirms he isn't going. @TehDemoNick https://twitter.com/TehDemoNick/status/716844406687539200 http://prntscr.com/anva9f LOL Apparently the favorite pictures don't show up on this tweet. Refer to the screen cap. Like seriously, Naded has created a brand with Allegiance. He would be stupid to leave the org he helped bring up. Unless Naded would know 100% he is teaming with a top 2 squad, he won't be leaving his brand.
  4. So, this happened. Dropping a coach after they got 2nd place? LOL!? Like what are they trying to gain with dropping Elumnite. The guy has so much experience to offer to the young guns. There must be something happening behind the scenes we haven't seen. @Denial_Elumnite
  5. Maybe he is serious? Honestly its hard for me not to be fustrated when I see tweets from Enable lol. He can prove me wrong. I really would love to see him play again. He won't make top 8 tho. @Enable @Enable
  6. As much as I love Formal and Enable. They really need to STOP FUCKING TEASING US SAYING THEY WANT TO PLAY HALO AND SHIT. Like nut up or shut up. This shit is getting old. Honestly they are giving hope for fans like me to set up for disappointment. Its annoying as fuck. Well I just flipped out lol.
  7. So, after reading 60+ pages in a span of two days. All I can say is I can't wait till the X Games. Who is going to show up and who is going to drop the ball? Is Lethul really a douche for leaving EG? *From what SOME people are makin him out to be IMO* Will Ninjas effect his gameplay? Find out next time on the Halo Championship Series!!!! Lethul takin the risk brought life to the HCS again. Creating storylines. Rivalries. Been following this scene for a while now and we haven't had much IMO.
  8. Bruh how many times are you going to post that. You posted it like 4 times.
  9. Oh geez. I didn't even see the date of the video... Yeah. Why the heck hasn't there been more content? :/ Definitely needs to get on that grind.
  10. I honestly want to see where Sudd 1 is going to end up. Feels weird knowing the Sudds are not going to be together.
  11. Doesn't naded stream full time or used too? TBH I think him turning off his stream will easily effect his viewer count when he returns. TBH a player can focus on their team and still stream. I would think most viewers wouldn't mind him just to stream and focus on the chat less. he would be making some money while grinding...
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