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  1. Party chat kills games and stunts community growth. Honestly it's one of the unsung heroes of early Halo games. Those games just felt so alive. It's one of the biggest things early XBL had over PSN and even PC online gaming. So many voices. Now it's like we may as well be playing against bots. It's like making a rule where nobody on the street can speak because some people are assholes. The earth would feel cold and empty.
  2. Yep. Unfortunately H5 is not like this. It's just oh so ironic that the same things that would make the game more accessible to casual players are the same things that most hardcore players want out of a new Halo game.
  3. First off they need to redesign warzone into something that isn't both incredibly boring and horribly balanced. And yes, balance is important for all levels of players. A gametype that is literally designed around the concept of snowballing is no fun for anyone because a disproportionately high amount of games get out of hand. I've always loved the idea of campaign invasions like dark souls does(dying light did it as well). Have human controlled bad guys/bosses in campaign. Then there could be a whole new category of unlockables as people try to deck out their baddies.
  4. You will die if you're playing good players. The vast majority of people play H2 and HCE the exact same way.
  5. Uh, you can most definitely play h2 just like HCE until you start to get decently high up in the meta of HCE. That is the brilliance of HCE. The entry level of it is so simple but then there are just fucking layers and layers and layers that reveal themselves. H2's entry level is virtually identical to the average player. It just lacks the depth.
  6. To the average player H2 and HCE were very, very similar mechanically. I remember thinking at the time that the biggest difference between HCE and H2 was that they switched out the AR for the SMG.
  7. This is revisionist history. Look at the XBL charts. The only new franchises you will see in the XBL top 20 are minecraft, destiny, overwatch and rocket league. The other 15+ franchises are all franchises that existed during the time of H2/3. And the new ones are offset by older franchises that used to be incredibly popular but died off like rock band, guitar hero, TF, Rainbow Six, etc Sure there are more games in the FPS genre but generally speaking people don't ONLY play FPS games. A game like minecraft or back in 07 Rock Band are much bigger threats to Halo's population than Titanfall will ever be. The only difference between now and 10 years ago is that all these franchises have improved while Halo has degraded. This is what has caused the drop in population. Not the mythical "competition increase". The competition is the same. Halo's place within the competition is what has changed. Hell even if there has been an increase in competition(there hasn't AAA game development costs have skyrocketed causing less and less AAA games to be created per year) this is easily offset by growth of attach rate to XBL gold and the raw growth of xbox ownership.
  8. Still in absolute disbelief that these settings exist and we are using radar, sprint, AR spawns, 5 shot pistol shit default.
  9. I guess we just have a different definition of the word settings. If they don't have to stick a V2 beside it and I don't have to download a new settings...they haven't changed the settings. They quite literally didn't alter any settings. They just moved around what was already there.
  10. Honestly i'd rather see AR secondary removed before radar. Pistol only spawns. Hell, extended mag pistol only spawns.
  11. Again, these are not settings changes though. Settings are Player movement Spawn weapons damage settings Radar Shields etc Taking splinters off maps, while really awesome, is not a settings change.
  12. No, that's not exactly the level of change I was personally hoping for. Those aren't even settings changes at all. That's just tweaking of on map weapons.
  13. So... This big settings update thing isn't actually changing anything meaningful?
  14. Kind of needs to be considering we were tanks in Reach. If they just directly ported over the reach launcher it wouldn't be powerful enough what with people thrusting, slide boosting and sprinting all over the place. Hell, even the BMS is seemingly much faster in 5 compared to Reach.
  15. They must be pretty forgiving then. I've been quitting social games like crazy the last couple days just to see if I will be banned. Nothing yet.
  16. How drastic are the settings changes going to be? I'd love to see atleast TB put on an off season no sprint, increased BMS(strafe accel etc), no radar tourney. Maybe even with all the other spartan abilities still on. It plays really well this way. I caught the finals last night and while it was exciting and the gameplay was great, H5 still just lacks that signature look and feel that the other top games all have. It still just looks too generic.
  17. Ya, it seems that way to me. Damn, it's fun. It's nice to be able to grab a sniper and go for crazy shots without being shut down in 0.2 seconds.
  18. I disagree But, it's really not worth arguing about any further.
  19. "Starting to think people are mistaking "broken aiming" with their own shitty aim..." Yes, you made that oh so very clear.
  20. Were those mixed up, or sequential? Like did it go bad kids, bad kids, good kids, good kids or bad kids, good kids, bad kids, good kids ?
  21. Anyways, are the social playlists actually social? Or at they still sweaty saunas with tighter skill matchmaking than the ranked lists?
  22. This is the equivalent of "well, the MCC works for me MAYBE YOU JUST HAVE SHITTY INTERNET"
  23. Unfortunately the CODified MP holds it back.
  24. Actually. Dark Souls 3 is GOTY My opinion > the rest of humanity's
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