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  1. I'm a retired player with 12 plus years experience competing across multiple titles, 10 of those years being the Halo franchise. The decision to quit playing sucked, but I'm getting old, I have a family and a career. For I few months I have been researching possible avenues I could use to maintain a presence in the Halo community and have come to the decision that the first step that needs to be taken to achieve my final goal, is to coach. Through research and reaching out to successful coaches across multiple games and platforms I have developed a philosophy I will use to make good players better, and borderline line teams break through barriers. If you think of a coach as someone who just tracks timers, or as just a joke, that is fine, I understand the skepticism. But if you are looking for a 5th teammate who can bring a lot to the table, feel free to message me. GT - Resident OBJ
  2. I have been competing across games and platforms since 2005. I attended 8 events across the span of H2/3 and retired shortly after the 2010 season due to a deployment to Iraq. I'm an older guy, 26, but I have a lot of knowledge in regards to game play, but I'm humble and I don't mind helping players develop or polish their game play. Using a smurf account for now to run with people, if you would like to talk or run games message me on GT - Devilock OBJ. thanks.

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