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  1. I totally disagree with this sentiment. It's all about following several teams, but being a big fan of specific players. That's what keeps me interested. I loved watching NV, and I loved following the ups and downs of EG (ninja and the twins), but I would always watch E6 for Bubu and my heart will always support Ace (so Str8).
  2. While I kind of agree with you -- we've seen OG beaten by EG and they're opposite ends of the league. No-one would argue they're that close in terms of skill gap. Not to say there isn't room for that to change, but occasional wins can easily be chalked up to bad days/ dodgy ping/ dodgy comms etc.
  3. I feel like that was unintended double entendre. He meant fix the game, just a dodgy pun.
  4. What's the deal with LOL btw? Ace keeps talking up big announcement on Twitter but no delivery yet. Reverse sweep yesterday was awesome, but how are they sustaining themselves without the backing of an organisation?
  5. Props to Simms and crew for making the most of the commentary though during a difficult situation. The series was horrible, but they kept it entertaining. Kudos.
  6. Except that a) saying "you all in Europe" is bundling a shit load of countries all together in one generalised statement and b) Sadiq Khan isn't arresting anyone for speaking against Islam, that's just bollocks.
  7. Do you know - I don't disagree. Brexit was shameful. But when you look across at Colombia voting for continued civil war in another referendum, you gotta just think: referendums are a bad idea! Don't ask the people, they're idiots!
  8. As a Brit watching the US Election from the fringe, I just wanna let you guys know that the world is LAUGHING (very nervously) that Trump is anywhere near the presidency. That he's even in the race is a joke. Unfortunately, it's a joke with a horrible, even terrifying punchline, because the guy is the closest thing America has seen to a true narcissistic megalomaniac running for office in its entire history. With luck, the vast majority of Americans will realise the very real danger of a Trump presidency and vote to keep him out of the White House and out of politics. If you're a Trump supporter who considers yourself rational, I strongly urge you to look at news sources from outside of your country and the way they are covering your presidential race and your presidential candidates.

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