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  1. Okay so looking at all these rent prices and I've never wanted to move to the US more than now. Live in Dublin, Ireland. Average rent price is the equivalent of 3000 dollars before any bills or expenses. Feelsreallyreallybadman
  2. I'm just playing the exact same 30/40 people as always. I don't think it can work or change much with this low population unfortunately
  3. A system like rb6 siege or overwatch where you have to achieve a certain level before you can play ranked would go a long way towards getting rid of the problem of smurfing. Iirc it took about 36 hours to reach level 25 in overwatch to play ranked and about 24 hours in rb6 to reach level 20. A lot of people simply wouldn't bother doing this to play against lower skilled players.
  4. https://twitter.com/Pznguin/status/985631899287674881 Bit immature at this stage..
  5. Honestly if that happened to me I'd be thinking of just leaving the tournament. That is a disgrace. This game is inherently broken.
  6. Bit of a random question but any UK/EU people in here know any sites that I can bet on halo? Skybet used to do it for pro league and it was such easy money.
  7. Apologies if it has been said already in this forum but the constant talk about ninja in the twitch chat is awful and so boring. I wish people could just focus on the gameplay and comment on what they're viewing rather than their hate/jealousy for the success of someone who isn't relevant at this moment in time.
  8. If I opened a dictionary on a random page I'd be able to find a better name. Having said that I hope they do great cos that team is A1
  9. Tbh reciprocity is not the most appealing name. Not good for a caster to say. Not good to have written on a Jersey / hoodie
  10. Sat through star wars with a big smile on my face because of MLG last night. Trying to explain to my girlfriend why this was important was quite difficult though.
  11. In other news, a brief glance at Call of Duty forums and twitter pages and their community is just as bitter about the competitive scene and state of their game as we are.
  12. lol snipedown melting some fool [tweet=https://twitter.com/EDWSnip3down/status/936354959918026755]
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