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  1. Sponsored To3 needs one player and a coach. Onyx+ only. Add "FiftyF5ve" on xbl.
  2. To2 looking for 2 more. We're sponsored by an org who will help pay for our entries into online tournies and events. Only looking for Onyx+ players. Message me on XBL, gamertag: "FiftyF5ve"
  3. Right now I came back to Halo less than a month ago. I've been playing at a high level starting in 3, and then through the first part of reach where I attended MLG Anaheim 2011 with a team. Unfortunately, due to life circumstances I had to stop playing Halo. But now I'm back. I've been playing Halo 5 for about a month and am currently Onyx in Arena, Slayer, and FFA. I'm looking to edge back into the competitive scene and want to put one together (I have captain and coaching experience). What I'm mainly looking for right now is one other person to build synergy with; that means grinding doubles and Arena just as us 2 until we're fairly comfortable with each others playstyles, then branching off to find another To2 or two randoms. If you're interested, message me. GT: "FiftyF5ve"

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