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  1. Played a game of cs today, First game had lan like connection (128t), perfect shot registration (connection so good players are capable of skillfully shooting me through walls), perfect sense and dpi that matches my preference every game. But yea, for some reason i keep playing halo
  2. Reduced wait times for FFA? Are you trying to tell me "bungee" finally made all playlists work?
  3. He'd definitely get picked up for cod. Especially if he waited till the next cod. Who knows what he will do he is an actual god in both games. He can absolutely make a decision based off of preference.
  4. idk if frank the show is trying to kill halo or just expose 343 so they stop being so shitty but either way it brings me entertainment, especially during this shitty intro class i am in right now. But I do have to say if he's trying to kill it no fear mr frank. Dr. Disrespect has better production in his everyday livestreams than 343 does in the two open events they have thrown in a year. I mean im pretty sure AGL 7 was in a bigger venue than HCS Vegas I coulda made a better hype video with a cell phone video editing app I got better connection in a 2005 xbc match with the host in columbia than a 343 dedicated server in arena We all traveled to the first open H5 event "G4G" and couldn't play because there is no lan capabilities It really does just get worse and worse If you are tryna kill the game don't worry, they are on the right track to do it themselves.
  5. H6 goes brstarts/to default h3/h2 style since cod is going boots on the ground confirmed.... nah imagine?
  6. Hey, I am that JR2 kid. I just made a montage that is mostly from scrims and tournament gameplay from the Challenger league. Alot of clips on the top 8 teams. I know I am an AM and no one cares. But I made this, and I would feel alot better of myself if I made an attempt to advertise it. I think it is a sick montage. But maybe I am narcissistic and just really enjoy watching my own gameplay. Either way sick clips on players I think are really good. Let me know what you think.

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