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  1. coast Rica is on my list for 2020 as everyone says great things about it, not sure what I can explore while visiting but I'm sure ill find something
  2. Forgot i made this here apparently not that many people travel in this community. Since my last post I can add Japan Cambodia Thailand and South Korea And I just got back from Peru and it was amazing. Plus already booked my next trip for September I'll be visiting Germany for a short stay and Jordan to see Petra, Egypt for a second time but this time I'll be traveling almost all of it, and on the way out I have a short stop in Switzerland. ❤️
  3. Still Loving this game . Season two has been amazing and I'm definitely enjoying the grind. Just hit diamond the other night, what ranks is everyone at? I'm on Xbox
  4. What's the best win streak you have? Mine is 6. 😊
  5. Honestly it's meh but it's the 1st one some I'm willing to forgive them for that. Definitely a few things in it I didn't expect and am glad to see. I bought it and am still enjoying playing it none stop, I haven't touched any other game in a month.
  6. Thanks, after I wrote everything down and looked at it I was a little surprised. I live in the top part of Cali and I have a decent job so that helps with the money part. And even a road trip is a great start if it brings you joy it's always worth it.
  7. I'm just hoping for a good Halo game again. Can you imagine a 2019 version of H2 or H3 not the same game or even remakes just a game that the fans love and will play for a long time. With today technology, it could be amazing.
  8. 1. I honestly try and learn a little bit of each language before I go some are more useful than others, I didn't need it in Bali at all, China was a different story. 2. Rome the second time was because I was being paid as a tour guide to take some first time travels around to different places and show them the sites and keep them same and feeling comfortable. (First time I'd done that) 3. I totally forget I went to China so I updated the list and added in the cities.
  9. F U N Z B O B

    Travel .

    I love traveling and I do it as often as I can, I would love to hear some stories from you or anything travel related. I'll start with a list of places I've been in the last few years. Greece. Athens Santorini France. Paris Italy. Venice Cinque terre Rome x2 Pompeii Napels Indonesia. Bail Egypt. Cairo Giza Luxor United kingdom. London Wiltshire Mexico. Playa del Carmen Tulum Yucatan Peninsula Iceland. Reykjavik Netherlands. Amsterdam Spain. Barcelona China. Beijing Xi'an Guangzhou Shanghai Zhangjiajie (Hunan Province) Japan. Tokyo Cambodia. Phnom Penh Siem Reap Tonle sap Thailand Phuket Korea. Soul Peru. Lima Cusco Huacachina Aguas Calientes Vinicunca And just booked my next trip. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
  10. I've been playing off and on over the last few weeks and really enjoying it, sure it has some issues but nothing that bad that I've experienced. Get on and play some Halo .
  11. I'm a big cell phone nerd and I'm currently using the Google pixel 2 XL and absolutely loving it the camera is honestly the biggest plus but over the phone is still top notch. And the pixel 3 is even better from what I've read. I've used this phone for my recent travels and all the pictures turned out amazing.
  12. It's weird because I compare MCC to what I remember about the old lan days of CE and nothing can compare to that so it always feels different and not as enjoyable ifeven if I'm winning all my games .. I guess that the nostalgia factor.
  13. Hello to the site, what Halo game are you currently playing?
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