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  1. He was better than Ola for the first two seasons of Halo 3 and the fourth best player in Reach after his teammates.
  2. Except Ghost, that what happened is a consequence of bullet magnetism. The fundamental difference is that you can 3sk across half of BG, while you're probably unloading 2 clips before killing someone across snipe towers on Pit.
  3. I couldn't really care if OGRE2 was the worst player in Halo 3. I'm not here to make excuses, defend, or what-not. I'm just speaking from what I observed. Pistola was a statwhore on TD. That was literally his job description. Or do you forget the time he camper Snipe Tower on Pit CTF for 12 min straight? Did you forget that FB dominated the first Halo 3 event? Where did Ola place during Nationals? Where were the BTH players placing before their National victory? Where did Roy and Lunchbox place in the first Reach event, and where did they place after? Don't burden us with tournament placings. Because if you did, OGRE2 would still be Top 6 for Halo 3. And Top 1 for Reach. If youre part of the best Tof4 for H2, H3, HReach. Literally setting records with each, youre definitely in the running for being the best player of the game. P.S. The 9th placing came at Nats when they formed their team a week before the tourney when Soviet bailed. When they picked up Totz (TOTZ!), they got third while Ola's TD flunked at the first event. Ola's the one who came off a shitty placing to join FB, not Tom lmfao.
  4. Except Ola was the biggest statwhore back in 09. Hysteria was the best player of the season, and both he and Heinz were better players than Ola. Pistola did not become the best player until he moved to Final Boss. He ran away with it post-2010. Ogre 2 had his worst year in placings in 09, true. But evaluating his performances, early-mid season he was the best player. Let's not forget that they were one betrayal-cross-map sticky nade away on VicX from beating TD. FB put up the best performances against TD that season despite being a makeshift team that didn't LAN. They were also the only ones to actually come close to beating BTH at Nationals, with a squad that had Sypher and was formed a week prior to the even. Bxrz: Pls. Not going to bother adressing you.
  5. While Id agree that Halo 3 is a better game than Halo 4 (not the best of judges as I dont play Halo 4, but that's my impression at least), your post reeks of cognitive dissonance. "out strafing people, landing snipes, all that good shit" = Sounds like every Halo. "Everything just feels better than H4, even if your shots only register 1/3rd of the time" ... Wut?
  6. Almost true except I remembered Android.
  7. I have more 2v2/1v1 on Prisoner playing time than every single other Halo game time combined. Oh and Reach post-patch > Halo 2.
  8. Dumbest thing ever. Ogre 2 was the best H3 player mid 2009 and Top 3 in 2010. Also, he's really never been an F/A waiting to get picked up based on rep. There's a reason why the dude is on every single GOAT team for every Halo game, be it Reach (dat godsquad), H3, H2, or CE.
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