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  1. Halo 5 is the Halo 4 that 343i always wanted to make.
  2. Game is purposefully designed to be all about random encounters, even Empire is made to force and promote spontaneous encounters. The game destroys any sense of predictability. It's reduced FPS to the core basics of shooting and movement, nothing more. Clamber is a worse offender than sprint imo.
  3. No form of sprint will work in Halo. No such thing as "balancing" or "making sprint work".
  4. In Halo CE at least, when we had static spawns, it allowed for CONCURRENT spawns of power items. So you would have OS, camo, rocks, etc. spawning at the same time for example. This allowed for a plethora of strategies. You could combine camo with rocks for example, or you would have to face trade offs: choose one power item depending on the situation while foregoing another. The other team could also get the OS at the proper time to counter a camo/rock combo for example. Just the fact of being able to have the concurrent spawns of power items adds a whole other layer to the gameplay. But on top of that, as I said before, having static spawns structures a game according to predictable intervals which makes it less random and chaotic.
  5. ether. edit: clamber is just as bad as sprint. maybe worse as it creates NEW movement options. Plus it helps you if you screw up a jump. It's ******** really. Don't know who thought it'd be a good idea to make Halo into a parkour game
  6. Static weapon spawns make the game less random. The gameplay becomes repetitive and cyclical.
  7. Halo 5 has too many movement options. It breaks the game. Gameplay is completely about random encounters and duels. There is no sense of control or predictability for that matter. It is all about reacting to what is in front of you. Just absolutely random.
  8. The dude has won the only 2 tournaments ever won without dropping a game.
  9. If I recall, (1) Clutched the winning sneak cap on Sanc flag vs EG. (2) Got the 7 of the kills or so after the 40kill mark on the Warlock TS win vs EG. 17-11 game? (3) Got the kills with shotty at sniper at the end of the game on Lockdown TS vs EG. (4) 19 kill game on Sanc TS vs EG. mmmmmmm and probably missing some others
  10. You weren't even around lmfao. Why you pulling things out of your ass?
  11. This. The video had no consequence whatsoever. The TU happened because everbody was crying about bloom since the beta, but as usual they wouldn't fucking listen until it was too late. Same with H3, same with H4 I see...
  12. That was SQ vs Final Boss first event of 2010 I believe. I know it was on OGRE2, so it must have happened after SS left FB.
  13. Meh, as much as I want them to, no way Roy/OGRE2 are winning with that squad. I haven't been following the competitive scene since columbus 12, but if SQ is the same squad as back then, they're going to win with ease.
  14. COD draws in bigger numbers concurrently than Halo gets in a day. But fine, I wish more than anybody that competitive Halo makes a comeback, and its nice to see that everybody has a pretty optimistic outlook, so forgive me for being a cynic... I just don't want my hopes crushed.
  15. Yes. What Im saying is this could be better than Halo CE, but a game's popularity is not based on merit. Prime example: COD. It's the face of fps and video games in general. But don't tell me its gameplay is better than H3, Reach...
  16. I'm sorry but post-patch Reach >>>>> H2 ~ H3.
  17. I wish I could agree, But Halo 3 was already dying by 2010. This was reflected in the competitive scene: 2010 marks a huge drop in attendance number, there even loss of sponsors then. They were hoping things would pick up with Reach which they didn't. COD is just a monolith in popular culture and I do not see things picking up for Halo due to cultural inertia.
  18. Jesus Christ, if only you knew how we spazzed when I survived a plasma stick to my face. Remeber it to this day. Had no idea before it was possible. It was on wizard, I got stuck and it was the for the last kill of a 49-48 game. I gave up and meleed a wall "out of frustration". It happened to be right when the plasma exploded. Part of my spartan with the plasma somehow went through geometry and I survived though I took damage... Won 50-49. Other team was raging. LMFAO.
  19. @chaosTheory: We got weak nades (post CE) due to nerfed primary weapons. Makes sense within that context, although nerfing everything is definitely not the way to go.
  20. Post-patch Halo Reach was the best competitive Halo since Halo CE.
  21. Halo 3 did some good things: mainly its spawn system (by far, by far its biggest strength) and aiming difficulty (having to lead with BR, sniper was actually pretty hard). Its maps mostly catered very well to its playing style.
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