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  1. Did I say otherwise? Along for the ride is getting into hyperbole territory though. Doesn't take away from his legacy. edit: We are working off of different definitions of greatest by the way. Mine isn't anymore valid than yours, but that's the way I approach it.
  2. You are confusing greatness with individual ability. Yes, there players have come and gone better than Saiyan. But he was part of the greatest dominance in the Halo competitive scene at a time when the scene was much bigger than it has been since 09.
  3. I liked the quad view. Don't have the quad view for the hectic dying moments of a match as it becomes impossible to discern what is going on screen.
  4. I just want to say that Roy and Lunchbox's legacy is really up there.
  5. Great event. I liked the 4 screen POV. CLG better work on their teamwork, so wonky.
  6. Roy's been the best player two Halo games in a row. Some good mentions in there though
  7. If we're talking clutch plays, I could cite 75% of games being saved ogre2's plays. Heinz got goosed on 5min replays and had a poor showing today. Ogre2 had a good showing vs. EG despite the 3-0 and kept it together for the lockout ts blow out. Guys like Snipedown and Roy completely outclass Royal 2 because they actually know how to play, where to be, etc. These are essential skills that mean the whole team performs well instead of a guy just camping with snipe in hut for 2min. Ogre 2 isn't a good sniper. But he was the reason CLG capped on shrine CTF vs NB to win beccause he was hitting the right shots and was at the right place at the right time. But I guess what I have to say will fall on deaf ears.
  8. Snakebite made a massive mistake in the last bomb game. EG went 4 down, perfect set up to plant bomb, but he waited on there respawn to pick up the camo top mid instead of getting the bomb plant despite his teammates insisting on him to do otherwise. That oddball game that they lost by a couple seconds to NB, they both had 0s of ball time. CLG suffers on shrine CTF because Royal 2 doesn't know how to play with the sniper. I'm sorry but those two have massive problems with their gameplay and anybody who thinks they're the two best players on that squad dont understand halo
  9. How did they discover Heinz??? Can the commentators not put guys in precarious situations on the big screen. They could easily be notified of it..
  10. Ninja has really improved, but can't help but feel like C9 with Ola instead of him would be absolutely ridiculous.
  11. I've watched him since he showed up on the competitive scene man. Roy is a fucking smart player. Ogre 2 is a fucking smart player. Ryan? nah
  12. I never saw the hype in RyaNoob. All this talk about him being one of the "smarter" players in the game is absolute bollocks. Knowing a couple tricks, angles and nades is not going to translate into you being a smarter player.
  13. Best player on EG is Roy. The way I see it: Roy > Lunchbox > Snipedown > Lethul Best player on CLG is Heinz or Tom. Royal 2 may have the best shot, but his decision-making, positioning, coordination is really, really questionable. Nobody plays as well as 2gre in those areas, but his shot isn't that great unfortunately. Overall package in terms of consistency, etc. is Heinz imo.
  14. Tom: "One event win is a feat; one million is a statistic."
  15. Can we not have alternate solutions to sprint? Having any sort of movement turbo is a bad idea. The only thing that works is a fast, static player speed.
  16. Well said. I completely agree. The game is chaotic and reaction-based. Prediction has been thrown out of the window. How are you supposed to prenade an opponent when you have no idea at what velocity he's coming in? There is no way to predict how much time it takes an opponent to traverse a certain part of the map. I was a big 1v1 player back in the day, I can tell you that the small details as in knowing your opponent's movement routes and the time it takes him to do these things as being absolutely integral to gameplay. Imagine a 4v4 where the problem is exacerbated a thousand fold.
  17. 343 are well aware nobody wants sprint or ADS. They dgaf actually.
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