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  1. Fair enough Cyren, looking at it fromt hat perspective, I am okay with it. @Andy: gotcha
  2. I was referring Andy calling the Sudds annoying. I mean come on, if you're a staff member keep a distance from this kind of thing...
  3. Can staff members be above calling out specific posters on their sites and taking shots like these at them? If they break forum rules, reprimand them, but this kind of posting is incredibly unprofessional.
  4. I wasn't stirring shit or trying to force a rivalry. I'm just drive-by posting for the most part so I have no clue what you're talking about. I'm talking about what happened. I think the cloud pick up may actual benefit them more than ola, but that's besides the point. Not too long ago I was criticizing the way tom went about with dropping players. I think you're just quoting my post looking for something that ain't there bud. My aim was to talk about the issues with the CLG team, something that I've maintained for months, so please do not let confirmation bias reduce my post to something confirming that other one you wrote not too long ago.
  5. It's typical forum bullshit. I think the biggest story is ola snubbing clg for c9. I still maintain that the issue with that CLG wasn't Heinz. From what I was watching from the stream, SB and Royal were kidding about how Cloud would have to do the OBJ because they don't do any. Except, those kinds of statements held a lot of truth, even if said in jest. Constantly, throughout the oddball lockout game Cloud had to literally tell SB and Royal WHERE to position themselves because they would always be positioning themselves at the wrong spot and covering the wrong angles in relation to their teammates. The problem is that on gametypes that happen very quickly, you don't have time to tell your teammates where to go. And those two have a lot of work to do in becoming top 4v4 players. once again, Heinz was far from the issue. Him and tom were acting as band-aids for blatant, obvious issues with that team.
  6. Yeah, I think ppl forget how tough 2gre could be when it comes to team changes. The Walshy drop was some cold-blooded MJ-killer type of shit.
  7. Don't worry I've been trying to tell @@TRAAAP he's just spews bs on the reg.
  8. Constantly. There is such a thing as wanting to stay alive too much. It hurts your team.
  9. Looking at the scrim, Cloud is a great pickup, but I can't help but feel that SB and Royal (particularly the latter) have got to work on their teamwork.
  10. I think ppl forget that clg was winning 2-1 and leading game 4 warlock ctf.
  11. Your previous comments about 2gre, sb, royal, heinz, ola, fis, ninja, victory, etc. not that pic. though going by your previous comments, it's easy to infer what youre trying to imply.
  12. Don't worry Trap has yet to compete, but still knows better than C9's players about their individual performances and their team...
  13. Which is absolute bullshit. I thought his gameplay matured and was better than ever at the first event. His k/d doesn't mean shit.
  14. I'm trying to explain to you that you cannot judge the quality of someone's play off of their K/d. It's the same reason you've been harping on about Ogre2 and Heinz not being good players and SB and Royal having to pick up the slack (it's the other way around fyi).Or about how Ninja is this and FiS isn't good. On and on and on. Pistola may not be practicing enough, I can agree, but that has nothing to do with his k/d. He was putting in more objective work than ever before and he was on the losing team. But you're stubborn and k/d remains the only way you will ever judge players.
  15. You remind me of those soccer fans who like to argue with stats. Just let it go, it's embarrassing that your arguments rest on +/-0.01 k/ds. Like I said, I literally can't agree on anything you post. It's frustrating because you aren't stupid, you're a good poster, I just believe you're wrong on everything.
  16. Nah, Ogre 2 and Heinz were holding Royal and SB back because they can't win individual battles. /s
  17. You don't know what you are talking about. When those two were putting up bigger numbers, no objective would be done - and that was a problem most people here noted about their warlord gameplay. Outslay other team but nothing coming out of it. Royal 2 and Snakebite are just not willing to do the objective work. That one warlord oddball that they lost to NB by 4s? Neither royal 2 or sb had one second of oddball time. They have pretty good shots, but they make mistakes over and over again in terms of positioning and decision-making. Big mistakes that just mean that they either fail in their pushes or do not capitalize on certain situations because of being too static/passive/wrong spot at the wrong time. I could point these moments out from the broadcast - it's endemic. Finally, I'm pretty sure that 75% of their wins came down to 2gre clutching it in the final moments this season - I mean that literally. If you are initiating pushes and are the one that's constantly going for bomb, objective, and the other teammates are baiting you, of course that's going to show up as a discrepancy on the k/d. TL;DR: you don't know what youre talking about edit: 2gre was somewhere in the top 8 k/ds of the first event bruh
  18. SnowCat raises good points. But Heinz is good enough of a player that CLG can work hard and potentially surpass EG. And CLG is going to stick together and it would be a bitch move to kick heinz off for ola.
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