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  1. CLG has the most fire power in obj by a fair distance (+30 vs EG on warlock was impressive). They make too many mistakes when it comes to actually playing the obj. They need to work on their Lockout OBJ game - they can't compete with how poor they are in these gametypes.
  2. I'm not a fan of reducing ammo on the sniper. It reduces the impact of the gun and I personally like seeing highly skilled snipers have impact on the game. Disagree completely. There is nothing wrong with reducing the time in a game where power weapons are not in play - in fact, it is likely preferable.
  3. Oh for sure. Once you're down, it's pointless to not make a move while time is ticking down. Unless you're somehow putting shots on ppl to get them weak (which Denial certainly wasn't in a position to do), you're only digging yourself into a hole by waiting for some glorious final push in the penultimate seconds.
  4. Well, in an initial push, you're guaranteed to lose a player or two. If your push backfires, you've given up map control and you're down in the scoreline. So, it's totally understandable why you'd play that way in 5min replays. Furthermore, Denial had snipe at BR and sword control - so dream scenario. Why would you push if you have snipe?
  5. In terms of smarts, nobody matches the guys on CLG. When the game slows down, they know how to break you down better than anybody.
  6. The issue with sprint has nothing to do with the offensively/defensively rhetoric. The offensive use of sprint is more the result of various factors, notably the scale of the map, the range of the primary weapon, and site of lines. The evident issue with providing sprint and clamber and other movement options is that it dramatically reduces the predictability of the opponent's behaviour. You can no longer accurately predict an opponent's movement patterns across a map, the speed of travel, etc. which simply ends up forfeiting structure to gameplay, giving place to a chaotic jumble of random engagements. @@Sal1ent mentioned an important point about thruster necessitating a "tell". It is the same concept as how you can usually predict when an opponent is going to jump during a battle (typically at the end of the strafe before the shield "pop"). These are broad patterns of engagement and movement that are learned by experience and allow skilled players to thrive. Providing static powerups further provides structure to gameplay. To provide a simple example that will illustrate my point: You know that an opponent is 5meters away, but you cannot see him. You want to time a grenade to his run, but you have no idea how long it will take for that player to reach your position due to extreme variability in movement. This is a simple problem, but I assure you that it is endemic within a game with an arena setting and the plethora of alternate movement possibilities provided. Since you understand the concept as illustrated with your comments on the design of thruster ability, why would features like sprint and clamber (spartan pound, etc.) all be include? This whole concept of having to shoot while thrusting, sprinting, etc. for this so-called offensive gameplay is rubbish imo.
  7. Someone wanna fill me in on who is Randa?? Is he some sort of youtube personality, bandwagon fan or something?
  8. I disagree with everything this dude is saying. He couldn't be more wrong. But it's not cool to go around posting PMs like that man. edit: Can't compete with the top 3 teams anymore when he placed 1,2,2,2 last season. Was one of 4 players with a final appearance every tournament. lmfao
  9. I think there is some truth to what both of you are saying. For all intents and purposes, the numbers at least illustrate the relative chances of spawning in those positions and, regardless, when you've played the game enough, it's not like you're actively figuring this stuff out, you just know where they're likely going to spawn. However, until we have actual formulas in hand, let's not kid ourselves into thinking that we've perfectly characterized the system. I mean a decade ago, we were talking about cylinders not spheres of influence. There's still some things left to be figured out and as @@MrGreenWithAGun said, we don't even know how the "random calculator" works...
  10. Bah, I don't know what I'm talking about? I've played this game since it came out and have probably ran more 1v1s on that map than anybody in the world. Save the condescending shit for another time - everybody knows and nobody has denied that they are random. I've said that from experience I've felt that some spawns come up more, so I would prenade or look there out of intuition. Maybe all I'm seeing is confirmation bias. But the more rational explanation is due to the enemy influence on such a small map. Which is why I asked Missingo if he could put up the option to see enemy influence on his site. I've discussed this before with him and other people in the community. Everybody basically denies it, but idgaf.
  11. maybe you should try it http://share.gifyoutube.com/vqX6NA.gif http://share.gifyoutube.com/vqX6NA.gif
  12. For example, things like doing the red2 zyos jump at the right moment gets him to spawn in front of you on bridge pretty often. These things are more of a hunch/intuition, rather than some experimental stuff, but doing them over and over again and you start figuring out the optimal positions to be in either because you get a high probability of them spawning somewhere in your line of sight or for some odd reason because particular spawns tend to happen pretty often when moving into certain positions on the map. I just assumed it had something to do with enemy influence, but it's only something I could do on pris, so it must be due to the close proximity of all the spawns which allows for these patterns to emerge.
  13. Is there a way to look at it in terms of the negative influence an enemy has on spawns and the consequent spawn probabilities for the enemy? I say this because on pris 1v1, I've been able to get some movement patterns that correlate pretty well with where they spawn. It'd be cool to do this with this app to optimize the best positioning when the opponent is spawning for example
  14. It was made static via drop weapon spawning on MLG settings. I was referring to competitive settings of course... You could "dirty" the static spawn by picking it up in mid air.
  15. Halo 3 had 3 improvements over Halo 2: (1) Static spawns (2) Better spawn system (3) Tougher shooting everything else was worse
  16. Halo 3 was a downgrade from H2 in terms of mechanics and maps, but it had a fantastic 4v4 spawn system.
  17. No, there is no team meltdown. Their communication is just random chatter with no focus. Everybody is just playing individually - any success in the game is just due to them playing off big plays individually. There is no sense of control or proper communication. Royal is too passive and always on the periphery. Getting the kills at the wrong time essentially. I want them to succeed btw. It's just that they have big, big issues. Edit: At one point, CLG had an enemy in ring1 that needed to be clear because he was behind them and was preventing them capping, Royal 2 off spawn gave up on trying to clear him and beelined for the sniper in hut. That kind of thing
  18. No, CLG is freaking dysfunctional. Looking at Royal's stream btw.
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