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  1. Carried? No, but it is entirely possible to compete for wins with three ELITE players as a "pretty good" fourth.  There are about a dozen players who could have taken 2gre's spot on that CLG team and the results would be the same.  Its not being "carried", its being a filler player on a roster with elite players.


    You realize that at the end of Reach, AGL Columbus happened.  In that tournament a pickup team (Elite4) consisting of Snipedown, Ryanoob, Blaze, and NINJA just barely lost to the Instinct "God Squad" in the finals.  Ninja, the same player who spent all of Reach struggling to break ~Top 8 almost took down the team that dominated the majority of that game.  The same Ninja who most fans (and most likely yourself) probably concluded as being a "garbage" player.  What happened? He was playing with three elite Halo Reach players.  When you are playing with elite players, your placings will reflect on that.  Suddenly its a lot easier to look good...imagine that.  Ninja literally outplaced Formal, Heinz, Destin, Tizoxic in that tournament.  He impressed RyaNoob so much that that was essentially the start of the Halo 4 Warriors team.


    Some of you can't seem to comprehend just how good Royal 2/Snakebite/Frosty are.  Why do you think Lethul left to go team with them? No shit Ogre 2 was placing well with that roster.  All he had to do was not fuck-up too badly.


    I don't want to have a foolish back and forth with you, so I will avoid quoiting you after this. Your comment is a blatant reminder to everyone that you do not have the slightest clue what competition consists of. We'll chalk it up to your lack of experience. But you can always brush up on sports economic theory, game theory, etc.


    You can start here as a little introduction:



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  2. I dont think anyone said he was washed. I simply said that there are better players who are more deserving in THIS game. 


    Evidence though: CLG w/ Lethul 1st place after playing together for less then a week. How did EnVy finish yesterday?


    Could it also be that EG (CLG's main competition) is significantly weaker after losing Lethul? There are a number of factors at play. Furthermore, my post was not addressing you in particular; there was a far more egregious post by some poster a couple pages back.

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  3. Oh same couple haters calling Og2 washed up??


    People were saying the same thing back in H3 2008-2009. And then he went on to be an essential part of the most dominant H3 and Reach team (a team that dropped a single game over two tournaments). 


    You don't get carried to an event win and top 2 placings. It simply doesn't happen. Absolute rubbish and I'm interested in seeing how things will play out.

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  4. Comparing a 3 year timeline to under a year isn't a fair comparison though.


    FB competed in H2 through 05-07. 32 tournaments. Dominated with two different players until the end of Saiyan's career.


    EG only had 7 months of tournament play with Lethul. Which was 6 LAN tournaments and a bunch of online stuff. One tournament with Ola and they finished 2nd.


    Sample size is so drastically different that it's just not fair.


    They were/are both great. FB is still the most dominant team to ever play a Halo game. 



  5. This is basically a MJ vs Lebron argument but Halo form.


    Can we just respect them both equally?


    This is not a question of respect. This is a question of rating these guys' achievements. You can respect Lebron and not put him on the same pedestal as MJ. They are in no way comparable and no team ever will unless competitive Halo somehow comes back from the dead. 


    EG is undoubtedly the best H2A team. There is no argument therein. But one has to understand their run within the particular context.

  6. I'd put money on current EG personally, given both teams were able to acclimatize properly to both games. It's not as if FB had a quota on skill, what would stop Snipedown from being one of the absolute most skilled players in H2? Also lets not forget Roy/Lunch were present in H2 and did OK for themselves - would you say they're worse players or better players now? The overall standard of teamwork / coordination has improved with the games progression as has the expectation on individual skill.


    It's great that FB had the success they did but it's part and parcel of the surrounding circumstances not some otherworldy force that stops them from ever being beating. A comparison that springs to mind is the NiP CSGO team that went 87-0 in LAN maps winning everything they touched for at least the first year of CSGO. Yes they were absolutely impenetrable at the time but they would be dismantled by the top teams of only a few years down the line.


    At a different game (H3) that they barely practiced. OGRE1 had basically retired before the 08 season rolled out. This is ridiculous man. h2 actually had a lan scene and a much bigger online competitive scene. The standard was higher then, not now. Go look at Warlock by comparison, and look at how many assists teams were racking in the final season. Better teamshooting, better understanding of the game, execution, what have you. The game had a lifespan of 3 years with many more tournaments. EG has been around for 2 years, not 3 and they've participated in far less tournaments.

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  7. FB dominated the game at an all-time high level of competition and participation when the game had a 3 year competitive life span.


    The talent pool and competition is orders of magnitude lower with H2A. Outside of EG, CLG, Denial, I doubt many other teams could even crack Top 8 at H2. The top teams do not even LAN anymore.


    I'm sorry. Teams practiced a lot more back then and the amount of people playing along with how long the game's competitive lifespan was drove the top players to play the game at a much higher level than we have seen it being played. 


    For example, you take any of the 2010 Top 8 teams back to 08 and they'd blow the competition away. 


    FB's gameplay was more refined, drilled and sophisticated than what EG's got going. Only department that EG has an advantage in is Towey. 


    You can't compare this era to pre-Reach. It's day and night.


    BAck in H3, you had like 6 teams lanning at the Joe Fries/Totz house before events. This discussion is a joke.

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  8. Just because you volunteer with kids that deal with that, does not mean you can use that type of language. Also, it should give you better understanding of how those words affect those kids.

    Basically, there's a better way to say what you said. So try better next time :)


    No, I'm saying that I am intimately involved with people and families that are affected. For me, the word simply doesn't refer to those children and I have never used it or use it to denote children with mental ******edness. It's my opinion, and the discussion is irrelevant in this thread.

  9. I'm absolutely mixing you up with @@TrueHaloMaster, my bad.


    Silly default avatars.


    How the hell is anyone meant to detect sarcasm from your post? You literally said they played like someone with down syndrome. 


    That's just sad.


    I volunteer at a daycare for physically and mentally handicapped kids (I deal with kids with all sorts of musculo and neuro degenerative diseases, autistic kids, down syndrome, etc.). I still use the "r word" colloquially from time to time, but please don't accuse me of being insensitive or insinuate anything of the matter, when I spend a good deal of my free time playing and taking care of affected children.


    My comment on WFX is essentially making reference to Ryanoob's personal claims about his "in-game intelligence" throughout the years and the reputation he seems to have built, which I believe is as far off the mark as imaginably possible.

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  10. If you look at it another way, lower ammo counts allow faster respawns and therefore more snipers on the map. Every additional sniper (theoretically) that would have otherwise been combined into just one or two is now in the hands of an additional player. More snipers in play leads to more sick plays and more potential for momentum changes.


    I do think that the sniper rifle itself should be changed, however. It was far too easy to use in the beta (they might have made it that way specifically to keep new players temporarily, not that I agree with that philosophy either). I would prefer that the sniper return to its role in Halo CE on the original Xbox. It's more supplementary and much more skillful. Making the sniper more difficult will encourage people to challenge more at range, mitigating the stagnancy that results from one team dominating with one and the other hiding. Additionally, it would be nice if I could respect montage clips for the kills themselves again rather than the length of a multikill chain or the accompanying flashy screen effects.


    Trust me Gobias, there were very few people advocating for a Halo game that was baed on the fundamental principles of CE - but it's clear that we are never getting that and the game has moved on into a different direction entirely. We are at a point where it is best to be pragmatic and see what works within the particular context rather than plug in elements of CE piecemeal. Let us not forget that the CE sniper's role in the sandbox and its presence in the game was dictated by and contingent on the primary weapon (the pistol). Similarly, we have to look at the sniper in Halo 5 within the context of the sandbox, etc.


    The harder the sniper is, the more ammo it would need to spawn with since we would expect more shots to be missed. Having the sniper spawn regularly is a good thing, but that does not mean you have to compromise the amount of ammo - I'm not advocating for fewer spawns in my post. Have a relatively quick respawn combined with the regular ammo count is all we need. 

  11. I would disagree with that. Their shrine objective work is incredible. Its easy to outslay and lose on warlord. all EG had to do was continuously touch the flag, No easy task, but its EG...


    I agree with that mostly. On shrine, they know how to play. They just make little mistakes during the weekend. What I'm saying is that they could be a lot more efficient. Their warlord CTF vs Denial/Optic? was icnredible.

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