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  1. Looking to play any halo customs right now! Gt:CoyMonster88327 region: Ohio
  2. If anyone still needs a teamate or wants to play I'm free tomorrow hit me up on XBL: og Drewski or quote me
  3. Even though Halos have gone down in terms of player impact, I still feel like in games like 3, 4, and I guess Reach to an extent where you can put like 2-3 shots on multiple people and have a "slayer" come in and clean them all up is still very rewarding to me as well. It's just a way to outplay people. Or say staying alive in the other teams snipe tower on Pit and just being a pest and allowing our team to pus and clean up kills is very satisfying. AND talking about it afterwards! I remember going to my first local tournament and just being in awe as t how many people talked about and loved the game as much as I did. I was swapping stories of clutch kills/snipes/flag pulls and just loving hearing everyones stories and comparing.
  4. But even that feeling of being in a 1v1 in snd and winnning is soooooo rewarding.
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