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  1. Are we about to see a big change in the way we access our games? Is cloud gaming about to really work? Next month we see the release of Liquid Sky but what interested me more is the opening up of Geforce Now to Macs and PCs. If cloud gaming was a viable option Nvidia are not going to be selling many graphic cards to gamers anymore. Companies do not cannibalise their own products like that unless they are seriously worried about disruption in their industry. I know Onlive was a thing that went bankrupt and sold off to Sony but maybe they were just too early. I've yet to try either of these services and am holding off my judgement until I do. I was wondering why I don't see more people talking about these services coming out so soon, that could potentially have a big impact. https://freeringtonesdownload.info/animals-ringtones
  2. Hey, sometime ago i found a video on youtube where this sounds plays for a GIF youtu.be/98ZTQXZOmh0 i downloadet it to try finding the full song but i had no luck and the video is now deleted :/ hopefully you can help me find out the songname and or artist name Thank you ______________________________________________ Tags: https://freeringtonesdownload.info/
  3. I've played Overwatch once. The last time Blizzard did a free weekend gameplay. It was fun, to me the game feels as a "cartoony call of duty" so my first instinct is to just run & gun and spray till I get comfortable with the controls. it mostly felt natural! my very first match was against bots so of course I'm going get a lot of kills and feel as if the game is easy. so then I decide to play online and mid way through the match I realize I have a 15 player kill streak(playing as D.va)...I was like wait WTF, this is still bots...then I realized, nope I'm playing against real people. within another 3 or 4 matches I switched around and played as tracer(ok), bastion(fun/ok), Mc'cree(fun/difficult), and I thing Hanzo for like 30 secs. So what im trying to say is. Is this game too damn easy? or am I just kinda good? Or what? https://freeringtonesdownload.info/ringtone/apple-ringtone-14461.html
  4. "The PS4 Pro won’t offer an immediate benefit to PlayStation VR" What a fail. I'm starting to think Sony's hubris might be their downfall for next gen. By focusing so much on shoehorning VR to work with the aging PS4, they kind of blew it by ignoring what was next. It seems that the PS4 Pro won't even be fully utilized until perhaps mid 2017, I'm starting to think the PS4 Pro will be Sony's 'next gen console'. It would be crazy to launch a PS5 next year or even 2018. By that time Nintendo Switch and Xbox Scorpio will have an established 1 year existence within the next gen market, with the Xbox being the graphics/VR powerhouse. Generally all companies have launched their newest consoles within a year of each other. What do you guys think? https://freeringtonesdownload.info/ringtone/baby-shark-dodo-8599.html
  5. I want to know if doing a quest for a faction means that i've joined them already. Like if i do the first BOS mission do i loose the minutemen or something. Also if i do the "molecular level" or "institutionalized" or whatever the quest that makes you side with someone is (what is it?) do all the railroad and institute quests go to waste (i didnt even meet them yet). And also what is "follow the freedom trail" for ? Is it about finding the railroad and do you have to do it for "the molecular level " ? https://freeringtonesdownload.info/ringtone/new-iphone-6-remix-463.html
  6. Does anyone here have experience with a xbox one s controller/custom controller playing emulated games on Android? I've tried looking it up online, but without success. I would love to have a wireless controller that works with my phone, and I would love to design it as well. If it doesn't work I'll get an elite controller. Any answer would be appreciated! https://freeringtonesdownload.info/ringtone/iphone-11-pro-max-white-iverson-remix-18968.html
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