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  1. I am a little disappointed that they didn't change the game more.
  2. I tried pvp after 1 year break. Looks like it hasn't improved at all. Its still everyone sliding with shotguns. Primaries are pretty much useless.
  3. Why doesn't Halo 5 have an official HCS playlist? 343 just keeps making bad decisions.
  4. Does anyone else have problems with MCC? I start searching and after 5 seconds it puts me back to lobby. This game worked fine yesterday... Edit. Looks like it is xbox live problem.
  5. Not only has CLG really good teamwork but they also have 4 players who never miss shots
  6. Weird seeing these EG scrim results. Hopefully these won't reflect to tournament play.
  7. EG had no other choice. All the good players already had teams. If Lethul didn't leave none of this would have happened. edit. wow getting neg for this...
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