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  1. How much more obvious can a person on this forum be...
  2. I'm being sarcastic. The guy just told someone to get out of here because he said reach and halo 4 were bad. And yes, it is, just post something negative about h4, AGL, or settings.
  3. You're not allowed to say you want the halo 3 population to go up. Get the fuck out of here.
  4. Just seems like an insanely good looking call of duty in Destiny land.
  5. I made this thread back http://www.halocouncil.com/community/index.php?/topic/11877-d-sprint-and-how-it-single-handily-killed-halo/in December somewhere around the time I finally gave up Halo after a good 7-8 years of playing multiple times every week. It's not that we get to old and don't have time. It's that halo became shit. Whatever the next halo is, I can promise will not have original trilogy like gameplay. They will add on other unnecessary crap to replace anything that is removed. Sprint isn't going anywhere and it's the most prominent reason halo isn't fun to play anymore, so why stick around?
  6. Still don't understand how people are saying Halo is back but hopefully it'll keep getting better. A new map pack of either great remakes or some new small maps better than skyline & haven would be a huge improvement.
  7. Guys, it's just basic CSS or meta tagging. Either do it right with media queries or settle for a quick meta tag fix with viewport but the mobile screen size has got to be fixed ASAP for anything besides the forum since its a plugin. Lemme know if you need some help with it.
  8. Quit playing 4 months ago so I'm coming back with low expectations tomorrow and hoping that makes it fun..
  9. Well after my longest break from Halo in like 8 years, I plan to start out with old faithful, the BR.
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