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  1. Question: Does anyone know a list of teams going to UGC St. Louis?
  2. Ah, okay. Thanks LethuL. I'm just a nag who wants to see y'all play more because that's like a fun series to watch.
  3. And more-so I'm wondering what the open bracket is because I am totally and utterly confused right now lol
  4. Yes, I'm fully aware. But like... Finals match? OpTic vs. nV so nV has a shot at maybe getting the 1 seed? Isn't that the norm in tournaments? I just wanna see some more Halo tonight dammit haha
  5. Well... They just gave OpTic the one seed without them playing nV??? What is going on here? Does anyone know the status of open bracket and the final Championship Sunday bracket yet?
  6. So question for the forum: Open Bracket teams... Who do y'all like? 3sUp, Money Matches and Most Wanted are three I'm keying up on.
  7. El Town going off like he's running the 2012 Spartan Challenge all over again.
  8. If they get Top 4, I propose the ROFLCopter as the new team logo
  9. LOL is tied with Team Liquid. Boys, the circle of parity may be closed tonight!!!
  10. Or my favorite: UConn vs. UCF ... Because UConn is desperate to call it one while UCF is totally and utterly confused.
  11. Question: Is 15k the most viewers for an HCS Pro League stream ever?
  12. Every OpTic fan almost had a heart attack after getting held at 99 for a good two minutes... nV got some fight in them though!
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