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  1. Yes they should go back to where halo was the only FPS option. The consumers are not molded by what has been popular in the last decade. 343 has been only formed to please 500 poeople on the forum. Not to make actual profit or anything.
  2. So there is money exchanged in this partnership? ESL is providing free content LUL Stick to running twitter with stats for a dead game. Thinking might not be for you.
  3. Yes, you are a halo fan running fan made Twitter not a partner at a tech VC fund. You obviously know more. Twitter doesn't have the inventory for ads, they will take anything they can to beta test and tweek their steaming platform.
  4. The babe behind the blue team during matches is the only thing positive about current state of halo
  5. Microsoft's servers automatically ping all your smurfs when there is a update, also pings inactive players when there is a update. So basically if you have the game on your hard drive you are considered a MAU, if you have 10 smurfs you are 10 MAU. Halo fans need to move on, all good things come to an end. 343 needs to find a new title to harvest the brand.
  6. Now that we know EU halo sucks can 343 cut all those LANs and focus on FPL? EU collectively won less than 5 games against NA teams LUL Simms might have to file for unemployment but I heard U.K. got decent healthcare. He will be iight FPL > EU
  7. All makes sense until you realize they are throwing a $1M tournament.
  8. They can nerf Cratos by putting him in the pool with optic but they can't nerf his pistol #HWC2017MVP #GREATOS
  9. Not sure, he just tweeted at ESL saying CP is either 4th seat according to Vegas placing like he was told or do the pool ABCD DCBA. People with mediocre analytical skills can't figure out on the previous page. It's just funny I have never seen a ABCD ABCD. I am a troll but this is just kinda sad.
  10. Somehow people hate Cratos so much that people don't realize the 4th seat got the best pool. And the 4th seat somehow is owned by two ESL employees and includes a brother of an ESL employee. LUL
  11. Easier than beating pnda. Str8 just took the hard L from pnda two weeks ago. If I am str8 I rather take on an EU team which only my took one game of NA's pro teams last event they attended. FPL > Ryannoob > EU halo
  12. GET EMMMMMMM Just go back to the traditional ABCD DCBA to rectify the situation. Can't be that hard.
  13. Yes finding a loop hole that works in your favor and going against what is generally considered best practice to benefit your employee's interest is the same thing. LUL
  14. But this would mean str8 will be the losers bracket because Cratos giving them the hard 3-0 but we can't let that happen. So to please T2 we have to change the seeding as knowing in all sports not just in esports LUL
  15. So they did it ABCD ABCD to fuck over Cratos and give a caster's team the easier bracket. No wonder Halo can't be taken seriously.
  16. I understand what he is saying but usually it's ABCD DCBA right?
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