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  1. And 99% of the playlists so we can actually find games... Social/Ranked/Warzone should be combined into "Multiplayer" and we should only have a small amount of playlists. Something like the below: Team Slayer (Social) Warzone (Social) - Warzone Assault, Warzone Firefight, Warzone etc Action Sack (Social) - Fiesta, CTF, Assault, Strongholds, Fiesta, Snipers, SWAT, Breakout etc HCS (Ranked) HCS FFA (Ranked) Grifball, Castle Wars and other traditional Action Sack gametypes should be left for the custom games browser. BTB & Doubles as well (maybe?). The problem is that we don't have a veto system in Halo 5. If combined, there is no way for 343 to know why people are boycotting a playlist unless they split them into 20 separate playlists. Even then, they can't know whether people are boycotting it because of the gametype or the maps.
  2. MS ponies up for the next COD partnership so we can get a MLG Halo/COD/Gears mega lan...one can dream
  3. Thanks for all you've done to improve competitive Halo over the past 24 months. The casters and MLG get praised all of the time, but I have no doubt a lot of it is due to yourself and a few other unknown 343 employees. Keep on killing it man.
  4. If someone says something to me that bothers me, I usually let them know. So strange to me that people would rather leave and take pot shots from afar...
  5. Actually pumped to be in the insider program, some of my best gaming memories are in H2 & H3. Hopefully we can help 343 make a positive impact on the franchise through the updates to MCC.
  6. Solid casting line-up! Hoping we see T2 and Miles at worlds though.
  7. My take on it - it’s a form of professional bullying. Infinite wanted to get rid of the Halo team as they saw no value in it. They didn’t want to “cut” them for the sake of upsetting H3CZ, so instead purposely mishandled the situation in hope that they would leave on their own accord. I feel that the same tactic was used to push Hitch and Create out of the Content team.
  8. 440k viewers and Drake just tweeted the stream out....1mil incoming?
  9. So...Mindfreak won convincingly, Immunity is going to H5 Worlds for the 3rd year in a row and we confirmed that ESL AU > ESL NA Also this
  10. Australian Here. I have no idea what that strange man said either.
  11. The Hitch situation and now this. I get that they are attempting to make Optic a “better” business, but they are also ruining what made Optic so popular in the first place. At this rate I will be genuinely suprised if any of the OGs are still there by the end of 2018. #NotMyOptic
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