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  1. Time to play some Clash of Clans and League. Got some brownies too
  2. starting to find matches faster. no loading lock carnage report. still getting weird splits
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the confirmation fellow teambeyondforumer :chiefdancing:
  4. So If the game is playable at 12 EST. That should mean I can play at 10 my time? I am on MST time.
  5. Well finally got it to work. Great documentary. Kinda wished they would have talked more about competitive Halo 2 and Halo 2 online. But it is kinda cool to see everything with the soundtrack/voice acting. I will say that I'm thankful for all the hard work everyone is doing to make halo the best again.
  6. So thats were Ive seen that guy before. I recogized him but didn't know where from
  7. Cant get the video to start. Ive used every different internet program. Nothing works
  8. I wanna watch the documentary but it wont start. Even after I installed silverlight. Microsoft and thier jhanky ass website
  9. Halo 1 life is a hard life with no love. Where is shrek when you need him :maven:
  10. I dont understand why they would need to change it. If it aint broke don't fix it. They have more important things to work on. Bashing them probably won't change anything. If enough of the dedicated Halo 1 players say something about it they will patch it.
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