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  1. Hey good time to increase working on Beyond Inspired tournaments and work the PC Halo games being developed. Main stream Halo is gonna take a big L and disenfranchised viewers are gonna need a new home to view competitions.
  2. @@Phade I fucking dare you to steal all the teams attending ESL and host Worlds lol.
  3. Oh check if there is an equivalent option. Im pretty sure they have one.
  4. You can go into the Nvidia control panel and increase the Digital Vibrance, thats what I have done.
  5. CSGO at 1 million concurrent viewers! A lot to learn from, there were some mistakes but damn, esports keep getting bigger. Whats gonna be done for Halo?
  6. Definition of cheap? and Size? Try these out. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824014579 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824014599
  7. Not to mention H1 netcode was never built with modern connections in mind. GG leading shots on a controller.
  8. Guys we found a Halo game with much more competitive merit than Halo 5! THE META!!!!
  9. Yeah that motherboard looks good. Any 2Z70 chipset board should work good. Hopefully Vega comes soon, best of luck! 480 aint bad either.
  10. Whoa that CPU is not going to work with that motherboard, also AMD Vega GPUs, and Ryzen CPUs are coming out you might want to wait on that. Seeing a few things wrong with this build.
  11. Got told no need to wait ~more days.
  12. We need to start making plays in the community and for Halo as a whole. We're gonna get left behind.. https://clips.twitch.tv/nvidia/BeautifulSardineHotPokket
  13. No excuse if Halo 6 doesnt have forge, proper matchmaking, and decent customization at launch. If thats the case then I'll have no problems directly bashing 343i again.
  14. @Saucey Make it happen! <3 Or a FFA, those are a bit easier to run.
  15. Summit alone brings in 17,000 viewers. Halo needs to improve on its expansion into PC games. PC is only the real way to go.
  16. Are people really complaining that much? The Coalition is actually a great DEV studio, all their patch work and release notes are great. And Gears 4 seems like a Gears game, nothing like the horrible transition of 3 to 4.
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