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  1. Why the fuck is the community piecing together information that should be in plain sight. Seriously, I fear Halo is just gonna be in a constant state of mediocre bullshit. Everyone running Halo seems to be not doing their job and just doing the minimum to collect a damn pay check at the end of the day.
  2. Pro team Orgs are gonna be droppin like flies if 343i doesnt improve the scene... Sad to hear about Allegiance..
  3. Home grown 3rd party support that has been there from the start has always been better than DEV support. You have to understand though, Halo has been so mistreated by the developers and so has the community. If Halo had mostly community controlled eSports with 343i acting as sponsors/advertisers we'd be in a whole better position. It gets harder and harder to defend Halo after the Golden Age MLG era, people are tired of mediocrity considering Halo was the forefront of console FPS esports and we are struggling to get back up. What do you think happens when Halo doesnt pull in numbers and the community doesnt invest in the esports part of it? Microsoft wont be throwing high prize pool tourneys just because for long. Also, dont mind Frank lol, good guy says things harshly. Im sure ESA is doing well, keep the community first
  4. Seeing stuff like this makes me so proud for Esports and seeing the scene grow!!! Then I fuckin watch what Halo is doing......
  5. Never really understood the hate for Money Matches, maybe I wasnt around for some stuff. Im guessing they said some edgy shit lol.
  6. How would you feel about less aim-assist and magnetism along with hitscan? I still kinda favor hitscan for networking/connection reasons, in the scenario of hitscan + less aim-assist/magnetism vs projectile + a bit more aim-assist and magnetism, I'd go for hitscan option.
  7. Split screen would mean shitty graphics on the Xbox One, Scorpio can definitely handle splitscreen and graphical improvements. LAN play and Split-screen are such "console"-centric feature, it makes consoles look their place by not having them. Things Halo FPS needs moving forward All features(Campaign, Multiplayer, Casual, Ranked, Forge, Gametypes, Theater) on LAUNCH Splitscreen LAN Play for Xbox and Windows 10 Crossplay with Windows 10 Full game launches on Windows 10
  8. Someone say PC?? AMD about to release new power cheap processors, PCs are affordable. If you want to play good games plenty over here on the PC side. We accept Halo refugees!!!! We will have traditional Halo games not influenced by 343i!!!
  9. Halo was on the brink of being profitable. MLG would lose money on Halo events, and you could say Esports at the time was in the era of trying to invest money to generate large audiences to generate profit in the future, but Halo fucked up and lost its growing audience right before the rise of Esports. I don't blame MLG dropping Halo at the time that it did. MLG needed to get in the Esports scene with the right audiences and Halo had a dying audience.
  10. No ggs for that website. I could navigate it but I lose patience very fast with Halo related things these days.
  11. COD Vietnam would be cool, but then again its easily outclassed..
  12. Lol, see how easy it is. Just say that and we will wait. Answer the questions honestly and all will be ok. I expect LOTS of communication tomorrow.
  13. $100+k a year suit and tie turds that dont know the industry or dont give two shits about the Halo scene and how it works.
  14. Fuckin broken windows, pallets, trash cans, and old ass wooden barrels. Looks like the type of alley way you would give a "chestnut" to some low class hooker.
  15. @@Timo You have straight forward questions you have 24hours before people get sour about not getting some of their friendly questions answered. We don't want to write you off. You can easily say, I need to make sure none of the stuff I say is under NDA or say you can't speak about it. If you can't communicate then we have a problem. Ten times worse of a problem than you just saying stuff is under NDA.
  16. Oh wow lol. Well if you see the negs on your post assume people were under the impression you were playing stupid to what was going on.
  17. Oh cool you are on. Either shed some light on some things for the community or you can just say you aren't allowed to say anything. Saying nothing is gonna make you look bad, and if you at least say you arent allowed to say anything we understand know what to expect for that and wont blame you.
  18. Up fucking vote this. No excuses and no need to fear that you sound ungrateful. Its ridiculous how Halo is managed. Its been SEVEN YEARS OF TOM-FUCKERY and we have not gotten anywhere. Microsoft is throwing money at these events and every year the amount of money they just throw gets lower and lower. Microsoft can only throw so much Halo 5s revenue at the competitve scene but if the scene cant generate its own money we are fucked in the long run. We need increased production value and competent information being available to the viewers. Why can't the community and Pro's rise up and tell off 343i to make shit better?
  19. You can definitely compare Halo 5 to PC shooter and other PC games developing competitive scenes. CS released around same time as Halo and it has some bad times but the DEVS, Pros, and Community have built that game to be the most (1 million on twitch) viewed game on twitch for a single event. Rocket League is new as fuck and they are taking more initiative to give the game better production quality for viewers. PC and console players can play with each other. Halo had the chance to be big, the ground work was laid in Halo 3, but the DEVs started fucking over the game and lots of shitty events/drama came up. The was a big shift in gamers switching to PCs and Halo did not make the switch fast enough to release their games on PC. PC games are the pinnacle of eSports right now and unless you are the Smash Community that says fuck all to the Developers and continues playing the game with massive community support.
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