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  1. Tied between DOOM and StarWars Battlefront for me. The photogammetry technique they used for StarWars BF was AMAZING. Yes the gameplay was not up to par(BF2 plzz) but clearly most of the art in the game was not hand drawn, which just gives it that feeling of knowing the difference between a drawing and a photograph. DOOM on Vulkan has a great art style and graphics. Id nailed it with the visuals of what a DOOM game should have. Performance is crazy good too.
  2. Status... Broke as fuck. Yall have fun!!!
  3. And there is nothing like a tank operator using a Tiger acht acht to destroy enemy tanks...
  4. It could suck but Battlefield 1 created a trench of big AAA games going back to their "roots". This good for the industry instead of AAA DEVs following the same trends making the same damn game every year but with different skins... BF1 -> Back to its roots COD WW2 -> Back to boots on the ground Halo 6 -> Back to basics?
  5. If I remember correctly MLG had the expedition tournament, but soon everyone realized Halo 4 was shit. MLG chose COD over Halo. Then AGL ran tourneys, then fucked over Halo Pro's and an entire event. 343i finally stepped in and signed shitty deals but Halo managed to go on. And for some reason they hate MLG.
  6. Ugh....So true, when MLG dropped Halo we lost whatever power we had in having independent settings. Of course bungie would work MLG since they held a lot of power in console Esports but once we were dropped, shit hit the fan. The whole AGL scandal NEARLY killed competitive Halo. Sucks to say that 343i saved us personally but 343i has their own issues in not listening to the community and having full control over competitive settings.
  7. Well we don't know how bad of an experience it is just yet. PC player population is very low. PC affects the playstyle differently. Some PC players do use controllers. Precision weapons are probably handled better by PC players if they have the skill. Lots of factors but the data gathered from this will help. Also it will not punish players who get the PC versions. PC players had a lot of issues finding games.
  8. Gears of War 4 now supports Cross-play for both Social and Ranked games! https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/community/news/win10-ranked Hopefully Halo 6 can see something similar.
  9. Hahaha hahaha All the things I've predicted coming into play.....
  10. Yeah bad argument.... Objectively games play better with increased FPS, especially competitive shooter games. The only reason those games have low fps are because of hardware restrictions. It is the freedom that is praised, not the restrictions.
  11. Watched the DF video. Shittt. They are using Jaguar cores...granted they are faster but this is going to be a great new opportunity to see how well consoles optimize games on UWP. DX12 and UWP optimizations this will be interesting to see how PCs compete. I have my bias but the line between PCs and Consoles is thinning out. This mid-gen refresh will give new data on how much thinner that line has gotten.
  12. 12gigs of DDR5 is fast BUT keep this in mind, I'm willing to bet 4GBs of the 12GBs is dedicated to the GPU. Whereas the PC has 8GB of DDR3 for the OS and loading games and 4GB of GDDR5 for the GPU. The RX 480 has 4GB of GDDR5 already to the GPU alone. Plus the 8GB of DDR3 for the CPU is enough for solid OS operation, even going from DDR3 to DDR4 in games doesnt show to much improvement. I just wish I had the clock speeds for the RAM in the Xbox Scorpio. RAM speed doesnt have too much of an effective in games. I will admit some games do perform better with faster RAM.
  13. Can confirm PC aiming with a controller(xbox 360) is WAYYYYYYYY better than then playing on Xbox One. This is an outrage that Halo has such shit aiming.
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