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  1. Remember when we asked 343 to get rid of hit markers on mcc ce and they just lowered the volume because they couldnt figure out how to remove them.


    god bless. 



    Exactly as you remember it




    Low key the hit sound markers were nice because they were from the PC version, and many old arena shooter PC games commonly had those sounds. However I do agree, hit markers and sounds arent really needed now since online has improved so much(kinda). 

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  2. Too be honest, I would love the idea of Halo Infinite being a modular game. Campaign missions can be added, expansions, firefight can be added down the line, new weapons can be added. 



    BUT It has to shipped with traditional day one halo content or else riot.

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    Haven't been on here in a while because been busy. Which also means I haven't played too much Halo lately. But had to sign on just to say:


    I have literally bought each generation of the xbox solely to play Halo. I once bought a baseball game that I played for a week and I bought Rocket League this year and played it about twice. But other than that I have only played Halo. Thousands and thousands of games even considering I gave up on Halo 4 and Reach really early on and just didn't play video games at all during that dark time. 
    Until they changed the HCS playlist. They were heading in the right direction and then completely backtracked. I picked up Fortnite and have been playing that instead.
    I am honestly considering switching to a PC and giving up on Halo instead of moving on to the new xbox and Halo 6. I never thought I would see the day. Even when everyone was bitching about how shitty Halo 5 was for competitive play with autos and radars I stuck through it. Thought that I had been rewarded when they finally got rid of autos and fixed the radar. The game was heading in the right direction
    But now I'm regularly playing a game other than Halo for the first time in well over ten years and am considering scrapping console gaming all together despite never having played a game on a PC in my life.






    GET A PC!!!!



    Honestly the best investment for an older gamer. Plus all the xbox exclusives will be on Windows 10 so its still a win-win situation not to mention games like GOW4 include crossplay. 

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  4. Been playing a lot of H2A lately. All I can think about is how big it would have been if were a real Halo title. One that worked flawlessly with new game types, good playlist, a ton of maps, weapon, armor, skin unlocks, events, DLC ect.. The artwork and graphics are really good and its fun to play. Everything about the game feels good. H2A is the best Halo experience we have had in years yet it is like a lost niche of Halo no one talks about. If I remember 343 had a small role in its development. It really shows that a company other than 343 can make a much better Halo game. I hope Halo 6 takes some notes from H2A.  




    Two things I hate about H2A are the aim-assist and bullet magnetism, only big bad things about it.

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