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  1. http://store.steampowered.com/ The Steam sale is live! Buy AAA titles for as low as $8. I bought Counter Strike Go for $7. Skyrim $7! Really good deals! Eat them up!
  2. Use windows 8...Looks ugly but its does give game performance, with the build you have right now, will get a considerable in BF4 even though its not high end. Also if you getting into game development, check out the Unreal engine site. They have their entire engine free! Also BF4 does get better frame rates with higher RAM, your motherboard only does 1866-2133 MHz ram speed though, dont go higher. But! Is there anyway you can wait or get more money?
  3. It wont be the next MLG grade FPS game, thats for sure.
  4. Halo 5 most likely wont be different from Halo 4. With CoD, Titan Fall, BattleField, and other games on the rise, Halo wont survive in this next generation at least as a AAA games. Maybe a AA game.
  5. With aim down the sights in the game, dont count on it being a competitive arena shooter. We already have enough Military shooters....
  6. lol upscaling 720p to 1080p sucks ass. Graphics are important to the degree where your game dosent look like a fuzzy piece of shit...
  7. Nvidia just recently announce the 780ti for $699 which will be a "boosted version of the gtx 780. AMD just released their asnwer to the gtx 780 which was the R9-290x for $550. However becuase of the gtx 780ti, the gtx 780 will go from $650 to $500!! GTX 780ti - $699 R9-290X - $550 GTX 780 - $500 As you can see for $500 can achieve ~100fps on ULTRA for BF3! Amazing Value!
  8. Computer Science, got this robotic project thats pays a lovely stipend $3000. Bought myself a PC.
  9. The BENQ XL2420TE is the best gaming monitor out right now. It displays 144HZ and has anti flicker technology. Also ASUS and BENQ will be launching with G-SYNC( If you have a PC ) G-SYNC will match your Refresh with your videos FPS out put so you wont have to worry about tearing. If you want to wait for that new technology.
  10. You guys could make a PC game using the Unreal Engine, its free and you would have all that customization. Indie PC game development if far superior to anything xbox can throw out.
  11. Yeah, Halo is going nowhere. No dev support, Halo is like CoD now, Halo is for the casuals, Community is torn apart, and Halo isnt fun anymore. Halo....Its finished. I personally moved on, bought a PC and Im having lots of fun on true 1080p ULTRA graphics
  12. Halo is done 343i will never make halo an Arena shoot again...
  13. PC History* AMD is Nvidia's direct competitor in making graphics cards. Both usually trade punches with each other, however AMD has always good pricing and performance versus Nvidias expensive powerhouse graphics cards. Today AMD just release there R9-290x line of graphics cards. These cards are are absolutely beast at at displaying highend games at over 60+ fps 1080p ULTRA SETTINGS. Keep in mind companies that usually make "custom" versions of these cards have not released them yet, so don't be disappointed by the reviews that say they are too noisy or hot( xboxs are just as loud lol). Here is a benchmark video feature some of the latest game! This card will pretty much cost you a console but at $550 you get your moneys worth! Here are a few games that stand out! BattleField 3 : 130fps ULTRA SETTINGS Crysis 3 : ~60 fps High Settings
  14. Hi guys! Seems like many of us here do have PCs and great setups! Feel free to post a video or picture of your PC and setup! I'll start with mine B)
  15. Console games have been meh....Not sure if we are going to get another competitive shooter.
  16. Greetings everyone. I am Zeruel I've been also known as sg1Elim89. I've been playing Halo for a long time I started on Halo CE for the PC, LAN'ed Halo 2 everyday in HighSchool, and played all the Halos till 4, however, Halo has just been horrible for the past years now. I'm hoping for some improvements, but I've reinvested into PC gaming has started a new gaming life there. I hope Halo improves, but for now I'll just offer what I know. Here is my gaming setup as of 2013. Feel free to add me for these games or gaming distributors! Steam: ZerueLX11 or sg1Elim89 Origin: ZerueLX11 Hawken: Zeruel_X11 PlanetSide 2: ZerueLX11 Glad to be here!
  17. Um... Don't forget if you buy a R9-290x you get BF4 free!

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