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  1. Well then just boot to desktop, just a simple click. If you are going to buy a new OS along with the PC then I suggest just going with whatever is new. Like I said windows 8 isn't even that bad, all just unnecessary hate.
  2. Cool they have it for PC as well didnt know that haha.
  3. Most likely because is not use to the fact the game plays itself, aim-assist, massive bullet magnetism, large hitboxes....
  4. Lol dont hate on windows 8, DX12 is coming out soon, also windwos 8 isnt even THAT bad. Im on 8.1 and I just boot to desktop instead of metro. If you're getting a PC customize more its not an Xbox.
  5. Yeah, dead pixel still does the show still just he goes by his real face and his real name, Adam Kovic.
  6. Casuals dont have the mental capacity to experience fast movement changes in 1st person.
  7. Its sad how even Inside gaming( which if memory serves right was done in Halo 3 theater with one of the guys in Recon armor explaining current news ) is taking shots at Halo "Chase CODs tail..." http://youtu.be/jM8M9hVRc6c?t=1m46s
  8. If the ADS is anything like COD, then its pretty much COD with Laser, energy weapons, plasma rifles, and futuristic machine guns and rockets. Destiny will be be a good campaign and group adventure game but it will not be competitive.
  9. Lol, Titan Fall cant be competitve, devs dont look interested plus competitve game mechanics arent really there. Auto pistol lol...
  10. Hello fellow brother! May thy Lord giveth many blessings. Hail lord GabeN!!!! On a more serious note, I've built myself a gaming PC and moved on from consoles because IMO Halo fucking sucks now and its not getting any better. I have not played Halo for months now and I only play if any friends are on. Halo 3 has a shitty netcode, Halo Reach is alright to play, Halo 4 is shit. #pcmasterrace
  11. ZerueLX11


    I have a BENQ XL2420T. It is 120Hz but its not like a console will utilize that anyways lol. I also have Astro a40s neon reds.
  12. You ever play PC bro? lol.... Look up Planetside 2
  13. List is pretty good, but should of been top 10. There are so many good games. Killing floor is just an amazing game, better than L4D. You can't go wrong with the source engine games. Though I have tons of respect for the newer titles such a DOTA and Skyrim but the older games still just compete. Its hard to compete with older games but that just show how good game play was back then. #PCMasterRace
  14. Halo has just become so unappealing now. Its already set in stone Halo 5 will be bad. It will have sprint, AAs, randomness and all that other shit. Also Halo has no casual fan base anymore because casuals would rather play CoD which Halo fails to imitate, also just so that Halo can be "competitive we have to change the game so much...
  15. http://store.steampowered.com/ The Steam sale is live! Buy AAA titles for as low as $8. I bought Counter Strike Go for $7. Skyrim $7! Really good deals! Eat them up!
  16. Use windows 8...Looks ugly but its does give game performance, with the build you have right now, will get a considerable in BF4 even though its not high end. Also if you getting into game development, check out the Unreal engine site. They have their entire engine free! Also BF4 does get better frame rates with higher RAM, your motherboard only does 1866-2133 MHz ram speed though, dont go higher. But! Is there anyway you can wait or get more money?
  17. It wont be the next MLG grade FPS game, thats for sure.
  18. Halo 5 most likely wont be different from Halo 4. With CoD, Titan Fall, BattleField, and other games on the rise, Halo wont survive in this next generation at least as a AAA games. Maybe a AA game.
  19. With aim down the sights in the game, dont count on it being a competitive arena shooter. We already have enough Military shooters....
  20. lol upscaling 720p to 1080p sucks ass. Graphics are important to the degree where your game dosent look like a fuzzy piece of shit...
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