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  1. Can confirm PC aiming with a controller(xbox 360) is WAYYYYYYYY better than then playing on Xbox One. This is an outrage that Halo has such shit aiming.
  2. The Pro's dont need to boycott they need to all gather and create some sort of the document that illustrates what change should come to Halo and give it to 343i and then give 343i a month to respond with all the changes they are going to do. 343i can't respond to a professional document created from all the Pros then, thats where we say fuck it. PLEASE, can some Pro's just step up and create something to submit to 343i and have they respond publicly on their blog. We need to do something.
  3. Jesus 54,000 viewers from SummitG1.... Man I wish Halo had a good PC game.
  4. They grabbed a good concept and made it better. lol Capitalism
  5. Optic getting shit on. This Gears series is what I wanted to see from Halo...
  6. Seems to be fixed on my end. No screen flicker. Hot damn they are streaming 1080p 60fps @4500kbps. Pushing stream quality to the limit.
  7. The only logical explanation is this. 2016 - 2.5 Million dollar prize pool / Raleigh Studios in Hollywood for the Worlds 2017 - 1 Million dollar prize / ESL "Campus" in Burbank for Worlds MICROSOFT DID NOT GIVE THEM A LARGE BUDGET THIS YEAR. I dont know the numbers but its concerning that Halo is not getting or making enough money for good events. We have a decent event in 2016 because Halo 5 was still new and REQs paid for a lot of the costs and Microsoft went all out. BUT they just can be spending money like this with out any returns.
  8. The event next door beat ESL to securing a Jump n Bounce lol.
  9. @@CyReN @@Saucey For the amount of posts @@Phade does he definitely deserves that VIP status, unless its not appearing purple to me.
  10. ESports Arena Bought out a whole street to fit their event for Smash...
  11. OMG HALO BACK ON MACHINIMA!!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp1PCf5YDtY&t=29s But not like the good ol days....

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