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  1. Its 2020, I just want a new Halo game to play ;_;
  2. I signed back in after months to say this... Lame :P
  3. Low-key just wanna drop this here. You can't get anymore "classic" by adding Pre-Xbox Halo stuff in Installation 01. The MK. 1999 Armor....
  4. Low key the hit sound markers were nice because they were from the PC version, and many old arena shooter PC games commonly had those sounds. However I do agree, hit markers and sounds arent really needed now since online has improved so much(kinda).
  5. I signed myself in at work just to say no. PC is Halo's future.
  6. Too be honest, I would love the idea of Halo Infinite being a modular game. Campaign missions can be added, expansions, firefight can be added down the line, new weapons can be added. BUT It has to shipped with traditional day one halo content or else riot.
  7. GOLD OL BEYOND! Why I love this place. lulz
  8. This makes me want to touch myself. PC based tournaments PLEASE!
  9. So far for me Installation 01 is beating this new Halo game. P.S. my PC has been out of commission for a awhile but I really want to be posting here again lol.
  10. Couldnt go this year... really wanted to steal a poster...
  11. As far as I'm concerned the FBI fucked up big time not getting this kid. Plus, armed security at school would be great to see.
  12. HEY! If it weren't for the Polish and their Calvary at the Battle of Vienna Europe might have fallen to the Ottoman caliphate. The Polish have always gotten a lot of hate but they did part in defending Europe.

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