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  1. EU F/A Gamertag: Will is BASED Location: UK Age: 17 Kik: Will_Is_BASED (some might remember me as Tengu, whether that be for a good or bad reason ) Starting to play the game seriously again. Tried to break through 6 months to almost a year ago, got somewhat close. Played for orgs and stuff and still have connections. Looking for anyone who wants to run games, whether that be a TO3, TO2 or any other F/As. I have a friend who might want to compete, of which is on the same skill level as me. Used to get about 1700 in TA and Slayer back in the day, though I'm warming back up and getting high diamonds and 1500/1600s (bear in mind I haven't been grinding this game like I did before). Mainly interested in online tourneys until I'm with a team that I feel will get somewhere. I've had a team beforehand that I was willing to go LANs with, looking to the iSeries mainly. If I get w/ a team I'm happy with, then I'm 100% down for any LANs. Also interested in Challenger Circuit I really want to get somewhere in the scene. I'm seeing people that I was on the same level as back in the day seriously make some noise. Pop me a message on XBL or on Kik, or even on here!
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