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  1. Hey Halo don't let Team Fortress and Shadowrun show you guys up!!!!! Represent! https://youstake.com/stake-a-player
  2. I believe rooms include Free Wireless Internet Free Parking Free Breakfast
  3. I hope everyone on xbox1 is joining shadowrun club
  4. Shadowrunnnnnnnnnn community is coming back. Already see a spike in online games
  5. Teapot lets setup a google doc similar to teamfortress's to get teams, free agents and stuff moving forward while we wait for Esports. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d_RSm7REHQ3e-Fry22_GGjEulXIxG4tgbJj__TAW3TU/edit
  6. For those interested in giving Shadowrun a shot here is some more info that will help http://shadowrunshow.enjin.com/forum/m/13017619/viewthread/6919229-ryanators-competitive-guide-to-shadowrun
  7. I sent a couple tweets out to TomRyan about this post. Would be cool to have him and Walshy do a panel discussion or some casting at the tournament.
  8. Blazer what race do you tend to play! On Saturday players will be able to play in the 1 vs 1 ($125)and the 2 vs 2 tournaments ($180).I'm sure these amounts will grow with donations as we get closer to the event. But this hasn't been finalized.
  9. Shadowrun seems perfect for a Weedmaps.com Sponsorship!!!!! Interesting old post: Sage - Shadowrun combat its less about perfect aiming, and more about superior position. You choose when you enter and when you leave combat. It is a constant chess match to maneuver into situations where you have the advantage. In Halo 2, you win the fight, or you die. Halo 2 is all about your aiming skill, and it’s difficult to disengage once a fight starts. Bill – Halo 2's multiplayer was very focused on 'fair competition'--visible player skill levels, had to play new opponents after every match ended, etc. Shadowrun's multiplayer is more focused on social play--you can play with the same opponents after the match is over, no visible skill (although we still matchmake according to player skill) and strong team work is required to win. And of course, we stole Halo 2's party system, 'cause it rules.
  10. We play online daily. Jump on and I and others would gladly show you stuff
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