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  1. I agree. I also don't think human reaction time is as much as a limit when it comes to fps. Most of a player's thumbstick movement isn't based on reaction time. It is predominantly muscle memory and motor learning. If that memory is used on a consistent system, than the player doesn't have to actively react to the heavy aim or delay to notice that a difference does indeed exist. Deeply ingrained muscle memory is a part of that system's consistency.
  2. Sad, but true. Instead of spending money on scufs it could be going towards crypto currency.
  3. By now, it is safe to say you are correct. I myself have always used the word "reticule". However, after some reading, it appears that "reticule" was/is indeed incorrect. The origin of reticule is the latin "reticulum". Wikipedia (as well as many other places) incorrectly state that reticle is derived from the latin reticulum as well. The astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille created the reticle for telescopes. To commemorate his invention he renamed the constellation rhombus to le Réticule Rhomboide. The translation to latin is "the reticle". Later, when his work was published, it was latinized and published as reticulum. This appears to be where the association between reticle and reticule originated.
  4. No hitmarkers for any kind of explosive or splash. Hitmarkers for other weapons so we know when to blame 343 for blanks and rightfully yell "bullshit" and "warrior" at the monitor.
  5. The aiming feels good on my laptop. I get like 20-30 frames. It would be nice if they would reduce the assist window size.
  6. It's like trying to play basketball in a hurricane.
  7. Alright. For those of you that don't know, I was able to play the first two days or so of the patch and then I went to work. I came back and started playing again a couple days ago. The aiming has definitely regressed some. It's still a lot better than it was... but it has lost the snappiness it had. It also feels like a new problem has developed. I don't know what it is but the best comparison I can think of is the polling issue that was theorized before.
  8. I'm inclined to think they lowered the tick rate. Shot registration is worse and I was regularly spawning into nades after the update. I'd take last gen shot registration for consistent aim any day. (Even though neither should be a problem)
  9. Has the aim sustained the level of correction that was implemented two weeks ago? I've been out of town on work.
  10. One frame at 60 fps is 16 ms. Anything under 16 ms input lag or under will be equivalent. Which is most computer monitors nowadays. Crts can have an edge on monitors near that 16 ms input since older games run at a different native resolution and aspect ratio. Those monitors may pass that 16 ms mark from re-scaling and up-scaling. In that sense, it might be more fail-proof to use the crts with the older games for fairness, but not practical. Also, remember the first HD crts? The lag on them was insane. One of the biggest let downs ever.
  11. I thought for sure that Microsoft was releasing the Xbox one X to maintain their player base and slow the transition to PC. I was hopeful that it would work out. But looking at the games that will be available for it upon release, it looks like studios don't care about making their blockbuster exclusives for the xbox. Microsoft was too little too late. The games at E3 looked boring. Graphically they looked unaspiring. Personally I was expecting the hardware to operate at a capacity that maintained much greater graphical fidelity. The controllers are still the same. Cheap. The required 4k rendering and 1080 supersampling is idiotic. The cheesy upsell of it all was embarrassing. The only things Microsoft has left for them is the size of the new box, the convenience, and most importantly, the ignorance and inexperience of those who think the xbox is a great gaming machine. I'll always be a console peasant at heart, but the xbox is done.

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