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  1. So I've been gone since Pro League ended what have I missed.
  2. Being a Ninja fan is a hard thing at times last night didn't help. Also shout out to Tapping Buttons for representing us Mexicans I'm pround of him. I just wish he was on LG instead of Trippey.
  3. Disappointed as a LG fan but am proud of how they fought back and almost came out clutch while Str8 almost choked
  4. LG needs a slayer on this team I would drop El Town probably. Sucks being a Ninja fan seeing him lose.
  5. I already miss Ninja with EG that team was so fun to watch play together
  6. Can't wait to watch Ninja back on Halo always been a fan of him really miss him grinding the game like he was when he was on that Liquid squad. Edit-I'm hoping he sticks on this EG squad really like this team also think he would honestly be better at this game without radar
  7. When the beta was out I actually preferred it over the current game not even that little sound that you heard when got a shot with any gun bothered me wish they kept the aiming as it was in the beta because using the pistol right now makes me feel like I'm a baby playing the game so annoying. This game is just a few tweaks away from being great for me I still somehow have faith in 343 after all that's happened I honestly see a shake up going on in there studio right now with Josh Holmes being gone but damn did they do H5 story wrong after H4 story was my fav but I blame that on Microsoft fucking them over.
  8. Omg Ninja with the middle finger to Cratos didn't notice that when they were shaking hands
  9. Man the agony I go through being a EG fan I still think they could be a great team but I honestly think RoyBox duo is better off with another duo I think Ninj and Stellur should stick together and find another 2. But my dream EG would have been Roy, Stellur, Ninja, and Shooter as their fourth which I honestly see as a top 3 team.
  10. Me being Mexican that Ninja impression didn't come off being racist at all it was nothing but a joke which was hilarious to me honestly. Also it seems like SJW's have made their way on these forums my god chill people because that's how you're coming off to me.
  11. I'm starting to think Ninj and Stellur are better off with another duo I feel the twins are just not the right fit Contra and Devonator are a better fit for EG
  12. This EG loss has me in full tilt I just don't know what is wrong with them the only thing I can think of is pure communication and positioning
  13. I still have faith in this EG team I honestly feel they can be a top 3 team but I swear they need to play more often because not doing that is hurting them imo but honestly I don't blame them also because my god this game needs a change fast especially radar I feel it really kills them In these league matches countless times I've seen them lose a great push just because someone is crouching around a corner for 10 hours it seems
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