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  1. Onyx (The forge island Halo 4 map) is in the team ball play list for ricochet. I guess 343 has started porting forge maps
  2. @@Frankie How are plasma weapons going to function for Halo 5? Plasma stun returning please?
  3. Rockets need a buff for sure. It's really easy to avoid rockets with thruster pack and sprint.
  4. DMR doesn't destroy map movement. Just don't position yourself in a place that you can get cross map'd easily.
  5. Not related to MCC but has anyone else not been able to get on XBC? Maybe it's just me but I haven't been able to connect for like a month
  6. Hi, pro here. Game is slow as molasses at a high level and super standoffish. You get punished for doing anything as an individual, and my aggressive play style is absolutely useless in Halo 5. Good teams will just all stick together and just team shot everything (like Halo 3). There is really no chance for an individual to make amazing plays because you just get team shotted instantly. If for some magical reason you catch someone off guard, it's highly unlikely you can force them into a 1 on 1 battle because they will run away. I feel like I would never miss if it wasn't for the flinch, and there is a lot of bullet magnetism (noticeable on sniper and DMR the most). Couldn't really tell competitive merit either, I played a bunch of games in a row as a team of 4 versus another team of 4 and the scores were insane. We won one game 50-17 and lost the next game on the same map 50-30. Scores were not consistent at all, though it might be because we weren't used to the game yet, but even then the score difference was large. We might have another Halo 3 on our hands were no one team constantly wins events.
  7. I do better running laps around truth then holding a tower down.
  8. Does anyone think it might be possible to force anti-aim? Or is it completely random?
  9. You can't control spawns as efficiently as you could in a 2v2 game.
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