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  1. *Gestures vaguely towards a book called Copyright Law for Dummies*
  2. This is like when the teacher says you have to go to the principle's office, but you aren't sure if you're in trouble.
  3. Just a quick write up as the wife and I drive home: This was the first event I've attended, Halo or otherwise. I am incredibly happy that this is the one I made it out to. I had pretty decent expectations (what with casters/players hyping up the venue when they arrived) but MLG really blew me away. And while there were a few too many 3-0s/4-0s/3-1s/4-1s for my liking, I didn't really have too hard of a time getting hyped with that crowd (and watching my wife get hyped was pretty fun even though she was rooting for Splyce.) Even though my teams lost (S/O infused you guys are always top 4 in my heart & S/O to Tox) I can't be too sad because the rest of the weekend was so fun. Also my wife and I ate lunch outside in the rain until Sunday because we didn't know there were concessions inside, good job us. Shout out to @@Clap, you made quite the impression on my wife after I showed her you responded to her complaints about no cameras. Shout out to all the Team Beyond folks that I briefly got to meet, maybe next event I make it out to I'll swing for a VIP ticket to hang out with you guys more. Shout out to @@Tashi for your hard work and passion for Halo esports. Shout out to all the Casters/Analysts/Hosts/Observers you guys improve every event and your love for the game really shows. And of course shout out to Team Beyond, having a shared space to talk about something I love with people who love it just as much is invaluable to me right now. TB may be a toxic cesspool, but it's MY toxic cesspool. <3
  4. Tox always would say "We're just gonna play our game." And I always thought that was a bad plan, cause Splyce have shown they don't care and will never succumb to Tox's game. Maybe now they'll see that they need to change up or be 2nd place.
  5. That wasn't even that fun to watch for me. Like watching someone beat up an old man lmao.
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