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  1. Oh I just couldn't wait to make you eat your fucking words. Just remember close is still fucking lost. Game 7 hype!!!! nV nV nV!!!!
  2. Anyone who actually watched OC will tell you how wrong you are, every single game was a play away from going towards nV until their will was broken on that Truth CTF game 1 in the grand finals. This series is much more lopsided toward whichever team asserts early control.
  3. Its just a simpler system of just wins/losses not map percentage. Since Str8 and TL are 7-7 it sorts by alphabetical
  4. HYPE but hopefully this doesn't mean we don't get UGCRed and UGCBlue again. Those channels were the best part of the event! Can anyone from UGC confirm or deny if these Are you or @@Timo able to breakdown what led to 12 roster Worlds? I mean this might be my personal opinion but going from 16 teams last year to 12 seems left a step backwards especially with the talent gap shrinking.
  5. Maybe that means they're going to start using player made maps and they're waiting for some that work well with multiple gametypes including KoTH Oddball and old rotation?
  6. Inb4 admins remind everyone there's a block feature. But seriously if you don't want to read the shitposters' posts then just put em on ignore just like members of 343 like @@ske7ch can do. No one is ignoring the fact that the same few people post trash here, but we also acknowledge the majority are constructive (albeit they still whine but that is a direct result of the condition of the game at this point) and positive posts, especially hype around time of LANs
  7. It's scary how accurately this portrays me. The only thing keeping me from uninstalling the game completely is to hop into Warzone to still get Achilles with a bunch of friends in our company. I will not touch arena with a 10 foot pole until the game is fixed and unfortunately I don't see that happening #feelsbadman On a side note if what the person who gave us the update on ninja is accurate, the person who donated gave their info which Ninja just repeated to stream. That isn't without permission if you stupidly post your info in a donation. I know people love to hate on Ninja but damn not seeing anything wrong with this one. Screw anyone that thinks racism is okay even if they're just trolling on twitch
  8. Lol, @@Snip3down with the roast on Cratos https://clips.twitch.tv/snip3down/DifficultWolfPeteZaroll
  9. Don't think this was shared but a preview of NA Finals alongside a recap of Week 7 https://www.eslgaming.com/article/week-7-decides-north-american-halo-championship-series-pro-league-fall-2016-finals-lineup-3335
  10. They could have learned a ton from UGC even and chose not to... So I don't have much hope
  11. Normally I just ignore all your shitposts but today I felt the urge to really point out what an idiot you are. I really hope you're just trolling because at least with plasmacasterpapi and fanboy we know their posts are at the end of the day satirical. But you, whew, there is 0 reason that halfway across a map I should be able to 180 and pepper fire someone with my AR and beat them with their pistol. SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN! Yes as far as halo 5 goes I can easily do that as long as I make them miss a shot or 2 and a make sure I'm not missing shots by holding down the trigger, there is not even close to enough fall off damage. Stop spewing a bunch of bull from your mouth just because you like something because just because YOU like it doesn't mean its the right way the game should work
  12. What he meant was SoonTM But for real though kinda glad we were given a realistic timeline this time
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