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  1. Well Beyond posted thought I post it here. Also I saw the AR I like the art on it kinda be cool if it was both new and old chief side by side
  2. anniversary ? "There are those who said this day would never come. What have they to say now?" - Prophet of Truth That was on facebook just now
  3. How I'm reading the doc is that this how you want it. We need to unite the community not to only make halo 5 Competitive only which the game should have the settings for Comp play but forcing the casual players to use only custom games is stupid when they want to run MM and not have to play ranked but what ever.
  4. I'm saying that everyone just wants ranked playlist and no social playlist. They want the game to be cater direct to them and screw over the rest of the community by forcing them to use the comp setttings on every playlist.
  5. Not true... So from what I can say what your saying is you want the game to be ranked only playlist and that the casual have to play customs..
  6. I just read the doc and i liked it.. But something is bugging me about it. You all want the game cater solely to compective community but what about the casual side of halo? What about the the people who play socal slayer are they going to be forced to use the same settings or is there going to be a allowness to let the casual community (griffball,SWAT,ECT) create their own stuff or will the compective crowd take over and throw them aside and forget about them or we not even going to attempt to unite this community as a whole?
  7. www.twitch.tv/kaizentv Gandhi is casting a casual halo 4 tournament in detroit. Out of the box settings.
  8. Oh I wish I do have one saved that is from me using the chopper and splatter a guy who had rockets who was going for OS and just ran into him and sent him flying its only like 4 seconds long.
  9. I don't have a recorder but it was on sandtrap I was in the warhog I used the man cannon that was sitting in the middle flew up did 4 barrel rolls and landed on 2 guys and then got blown up by the wrath which then sent parts flying splattering another guy.
  10. I know sam but the stream has been shut down.
  11. Taken care off I know a admin on twitch channel is shut down thread can be closed.
  12. Megatron will eat AGL for breakfast lunch and dinner
  13. So Moa is a cowboys fan LOL So Moa how about the cowboys I mean Cowgirls
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