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  1. I've modded a controller so that when it vibrates it activates the thumbstick to turn left at 100% force for however long the vibration occurs. So now when I shoot a weapon in game it vibrates which turns the reticle for a exact amount of time. This is a way of emulating a precise thumbstick movement. To test the mod for consistency I loaded Halo 1 and started the mission Halo. I got a checkpoint and then shot once to move the aim. Then I reloaded the check point to reset the aim and shot again. The idea is that if I start from the same position and shoot to trigger the vibration which emulates the thumbstick movement, then the reticle should end up in the same place every time. Out of 67 shots on the video 66 times it moved to the exact same place. Here is the video http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/MIb2347/video/29097338 I actually performed the test without filming earlier and after 100 times just once did the aim land somewhere unexpected. It moved from the same position and ended up in the exact same place 99 out of 100 times. Then I loaded up a custom game of Halo 5. I played on coliseum and removed all the spawns and made just one. I didn't move the reticle and did the same method of firing one bullet to make vibration mod activate the thumbstick movement. The aim landed in one of 3 precise locations despite receiving the exact same input every time. I can confidently say that the aim is very inconsistent in Halo 5. The video shows how bad it is http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Mib%20HCS/video/29097414 Also I have a video in the campaign. 3 times the aimer goes further than expected, 3 times not quite as far, and then the rest land in the middle of those extremes. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Mib%20HCS/video/29097596 Out of interest I tried the test in the same part of campaign again but this time with the Xbox in offline mode. Heavy aim still happened. It looks like input lag is caused when the CPU is being bogged down and not able to calculate input as expected. This occurs during campaign while in offline mode with very controlled conditions so the issue is something fundamental with the way the game works. As soon as you take that broken mechanic online the stress on the CPU only gets worse. If you have all your armor, helmet, visor, weapon skin unlocks loaded into ram then that leaves less for the CPU. If you have a bad connection to the server then there's a delay the exchange of information between your Xbox and the server so your Xbox has to do things like estimate the position of other players more frequently which tasks the CPU. A perfect example of all this is in optic documentary the 343 employee says to royal 2 while the special network stats menu is running "You have zero 0 latency so you're getting the full 60 frames from the server". Royal 2 then says the aim feels great in that situation UPDATE! SacUSA had a genius idea of using machina mode as it displays your reticle postion with numbers. The video is below http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Mib%20HCS/video/29208763 You will see that it does land it the exact same place for periods of time but then it changes.
  2. Feels fine to me. There is definitely consistency, which is what mattered above all else for me. I only play once or twice a week for a few hours but I no longer feel like I have to work to get my shot back.
  3. Considering the issues with MCC if they allowed us to play all the classic halos through BC then I would be pretty happy.
  4. Has anyone tried playing these settings on the campaign? I tried it yesterday and the aiming feels very different on campaign versus online (which it always did for me) and I was wondering if it felt different for anyone else?
  5. Honestly I don't think it is placebo. At least not for everyone. For me it did feel better when I played within the first 30 mins of the update going live. Then the next day it felt the same as before the update but more consistent between playlists (which was a huge issue for me). Obviously it's hard to believe and I'm sure for some people the difference could be in their heads. But just bear in mind that once upon a time anyone who claimed that the aim felt weird was called a headcase, because they were sensitive to heavy aim. It wasn't until heavy aim got worse that people started to take it seriously.
  6. I've had a chance to play more on it and I definitely like it. For the first time in a long time I can actually go off.
  7. I tried playing on 4,2,0,7 and dayum that felt good. It's really nice and responsive and felt natural pretty quickly. Great find.
  8. I've played a bit today and it feels as good as it did when it was working well, before the update. The benefit is that it's now consistent at least. As I said earlier when I jumped immediately after the update it felt stupefyingly responsive but now it feels slightly sluggish like it always did.
  9. I'm gonna save my vote until I've had some time to play a lot more. Before the update yesterday I'd been playing quite a lot to the point where I could jump on everyday and my shot was good without a warm up. When it's like that it feels very natural and I can easily feel any differences. Yesterday I got the update immediately and played before most people (I presume). The aim felt unbelievably responsive. It felt slightly slippery and quite fast compared to what I'm used to. I player two games like that and then had other stuff to do. Today I played 2 games and it felt exactly like how Wu Ip Man described it with the slight sluggishness but overall consistency. To be honest I'm not sure if it feels just the same as it did for me before the update when it felt good. I need some more time to figure that out.
  10. It feels so significantly different that I'm actually pretty pissed off about it. If this is what it was always meant to feel like then I've been playing a completely different game this whole time. I honestly can't believe how fucked the aiming was and that it was like that for nearly 2 years. I've genuinely lost all desire to play anything 343 create again. I'm quite shocked.
  11. Yeah. It felt waaaay different for me. Usually I play Team Arena on focused and consider that the best aim. Team Skirmish used to be unplayable for me, however after playing one game of skirmish on expanded fuck me, what a difference. The aim has never felt that good ever.
  12. I just came across this post by ske7ch which is pretty cool. It looks like the effort we put in made a difference and helped motivate a fix https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/6aopb6/comment/dhgylm5
  13. Honestly it made a big difference. I did manage to add some length to the spring inside one of the thumbstick modules which increased the tension to about 100 grams and it was so unbelievably easy to hit perfects. I did try to modify it to a slightly lower tension but in removing it I killed the controller. I'm hesitant to mess with my new one in that regard though. I find it really difficult to desolder the lead free stuff on the elite and I'll probably only do that it the future when if the module gets worn out.
  14. I'll bet you're right it's a spectrum. Josh does make it sound like they've found a biggie, and fixing that will be good enough to remove heavy aim 90% of the time. I've just got a new elite controller and I'm really struggling to aim going from the s controller with higher stick tension. So if the fix takes long enough that I can readjust to the elite again I don't mind so much.
  15. The thing that worries me is they're testing it against their own bar for quality. Under that bar they've put forge maps into matchmaking that had unplayable fps for some people and left them there for months. They've held global events with $1m and above prize pools but not ensured the aiming mechanics feel the same for all the teams. MCC. Saying heavy aim has a proven fix is one thing but saying a cause has been identified and now it's just being tested to meet 343 quality standards means very little. I'm not trying to be pessimistic but this is how I'm sure a lot of us feel after halo 5.
  16. I'm definitely gonna get myself an arduino setup so this is good to know. From what I've seen there are so many cool projects.
  17. I'm so happy. This is by far the biggest thing that's happened in terms of an update.
  18. That's really great news. I wonder if they're gonna quietly announce it once it's fixed or if they publicly talk about it when it's fixed.
  19. For me the game is absolutely fucked now. I get heavy aim between playlists, 5-10 seconds of lag where people stop moving, dropping out of games, all that bad stuff. I hope your theory is correct.
  20. That's probably more true. But I do think it's much worse now than it's ever been.
  21. Same. I think after the hours we've all spent researching and posting here and on waypoint, and not to mention the controllers I've been through, we deserve an explanation. If it wasn't for Josh though we'd not even know they're trying to fix it.
  22. They really have to though. When Josh does those weekly matchmaking updates on waypoint a lot of the posts are complaining about heavy aim and server issues. Which is fair as it does ruin matchmaking for a lot of people, but it's not really the point of his threads. It seems like even the most casual players are experiencing heavy aim now and complaining about it.
  23. Great work everyone. It's all a little beyond me though! Up until last week I'd been able to avoid any significant heavy aim but now it's become unbearable. It's a shame because I'd really been getting back into the game a lot recently and very much enjoying it. For me the Team Arena playlist is super responsive and feels great to play. Extermination feels like the same aim but just lower framerate. But anything else feels about 1-2 levels lower for aim acceleration. It's too jaring to be fun. If it wasn't for the fact that Josh said 343 are working on heavy aim this would have been the final straw for me. If anyone from 343 has an update I'd greatly appreciate it as I'm willing to be patient if someone can confirm a fix is coming. Being left in the dark just irritates me and makes me just want to forget about Halo 5 and move on.

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