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  1. Just use the block user function. Trying to reason with someone who has a pony avatar is like trying to pin down a kangaroo on a trampoline.
  2. Just block the user(s). It's saved me having to read essays worth of negative trash opinions from someone who isn't as smart as they think they are. Also there are now 100% less my little pony avatars on the site for me.
  3. https://clips.twitch.tv/ProudNaiveCodSmoocherZ so whats up with these flags disappearing? was this a bug in the original h3? I've seen it happen a couple of times now and if this happens at the tournament then people are gonna flip out.
  4. Maybe you should try shooting for the blue glowy bit of the barrel next time.
  5. yeah. not defending 343's stupid decisions when it comes to gametype/map balance. but its easily fixable by going into forge for like 10 minutes which is my point.
  6. Halo 4 BTB is criminally underrated. If there were classic settings to go with the maps then it would unironically be some of the best BTB in the franchise.
  7. for people interested in 'new' forge maps for MLG heres a couple of links: https://www.forgehub.com/threads/mlg-h3-forge-forum-map-pack.86047/ https://www.forgehub.com/threads/mlg-h3-forge-forum-map-pack-2.96107/ I'm sure theres a lot more out there. It just requires some searching I guess whenever tashi or whoever is in charge thinks it is appropriate to update the map pool.
  8. If Infinite releases in late 2020, we will potentially be seeing 18 months/2 years worth of classic halo instead of only 2019. That would be great to see the technical / quality of life stuff for competitive halo 1/2/3 be introduced before then if not possible as a quick fix now.
  9. Honestly some of these maps look really good https://www.forgehub.com/threads/mlg-h3-forge-forum-map-pack.86047/ I hope @@Tashi sees this and at least considers updating the v8 map pool maybe sometime after the first few events.
  10. https://www.twitch.tv/tonymontanairl https://www.twitch.tv/tonymontanairl https://www.twitch.tv/tonymontanairl roy flamesword v saintly kountry just finished.
  11. From what I remember reading about the trueskill system is that it was copyrighted/patented by Microsoft so nobody else could make their own version of it. I assume a lot of game designers would have liked to have put it in their respective games but found they couldn't.
  12. Maybe have one best of 15 instead. Give the team that hasnt lost yet some sort of map pool advantage vote or a veto advantage. Might make it more interesting than potentially just one best of 7.
  13. theres a better version with a dank noscope on actionman before that one happens. he just keeps repeating 'he hit that? he hit that? he hit that?' non stop lmao. here it is https://clips.twitch.tv/SmilingDoubtfulWalletTF2John
  14. I think people were more hoping for 343 to create good settings and to release new maps, gametypes, etc back then. There was more interest in HCS back then due to the potential of what could have been than what there is now currently. The lack of competition for the evolved settings now when people are tired of Halo 5 regular gameplay means I think its probably got a shot of being something people would want to at least try out even if only for a change of pace. I guess down the road if the evolved settings get the ear of someone working with the h5 MM at 343 (crazy I know) they could potentially release a playlist for a couple of weeks with these settings to see if the wider halo 5 audience enjoys it. Personally I am also curious how BTB would play with evolved settings too and maybe it would give more longevity to the evolved settings if it wasnt just designed for the hardcore audience. Whether people who want classic settings just end up going back to MCC whenever 343 get around to fixing it remains to be seen but I think Evolved settings look like a good stop gap between now currently and when that day finally arrives. You are right though, it would have been nice for these settings to catch on 2 years ago instead of present day working with a fraction of a fraction of a low population so an attempt to bring some kind of revival to h5 is a bit far fetched definitely. However I think the settings and maps for evolved have been fine-tuned to a point where it isnt seen as just an amateurish attempt at competing with 343's vision for h5 (and even if it is, it doesnt matter because h5 is past any sort of relevance nowadays so there is room for something like evolved regardless).

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