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  1. This is what you get for chasing the battlepass dragon. I would suggest at this point either enjoy playing the game for its own merit or don't and then if you don't just uninstall. It will save you a repeat of the same torment that was halo 5 (in terms of haha imaginary skinner box numbers keep going up I must be enjoying myself) for most people.
  2. It's the classic 343 experience of them making half a map. Launchsite would be a great btb map if it was a big donut instead of just stopping at a U-shape. Molten and Riptide were classic h5 examples of this weird problem they have where they can't figure out what number of players they want to play on the map
  3. Most of (not all of them) the weapon issues are solved by 110/110/ damage/movement settings just like H3. For example the sidekick becomes a 6 shot kill with two perfects per mag which solves the OCD inducing 7/12 issue - I'd dare to go further and say 120% damage would be preferable for most of the other weapons even due to how bad most of them are. This is a simple change without extensively perfecting the settings/attributes through modding that would make the game playable to me (though I'm not reinstalling until they bring team colours and an outline toggle back). This won't happen though we'll be lucky to get any substantial balancing in the next year let alone in the next (crucial for population retention) couple of months.
  4. Yeah this makes sense. I feel like the explosion.gif is bigger than the actual damage radius.
  5. This is some leaked dialogue for the campaign right?
  6. This is why I've refused to even look at the pass. I've played a couple of sessions of infinite and uninstalled - there's no real content besides collecting skins and I'm not falling down the rabbit hole and chasing the battlepass dragon.
  7. You're clinically ******** if you think the community has any actual say over how any game in this franchise ends up functioning.
  8. I would also suggest to rubbing some garlic into your xbox's exhaust port to keep the heavy aim vampires away too.
  9. One of the tags is called MarktheWhale. At least he knows what he is.
  10. Lmao I got banned off waypoint permanently by stckrboy. I can't believe the others shilled the game so hard for having their name included in the credits. maximum stooge overload. That and Shitway bragging about it like its a mark of honour. It actually makes me feel nauseous.
  11. Also annoying when team mates die the tag is still there instead of just an x so its hard to figure out quickly if theyre dead or not if theyre far away. This game has so much visual clutter.
  12. Funny you should say that but every time I try to load a custom game mode from my files the game crashes too. You can definitely notice when the xbones crash in matchmaking due to map instability on some of the big team maps. The game has only crashed once in mm for me and I have a series X.
  13. The knuckle-cracking and shadow boxing IS halo and YOU WILL watch it every time you want to play a game of infinite. You WILL be advertised the amazing skins that 343 put on offer in the store and took so long to make in each and every pre-game. Getting sucked into a spartan's head is really immersive and definitely not completely tedious after the 50th time.
  14. Yeah you can tell most of its just recycled assets from the campaign.
  15. yeah which makes all these 1.4x scope starting weapons even more painful. Like someone else said in the thread if you've played a day of this what you've got is the full infinite experience theres nothing else in the game. I've just finished playing with friends after about 8 hours, gave it a long session to see if there was something hidden I could stomach enough to keep with the game but all I was left with was some fat yellow nerf bullets burned into my retina instead. So unless the maps that haven't come out yet are somehow amazing then I'm personally not touching the game until theres a substantial set of patch notes to read (years from now). It just doesnt make sense that this was the best 343 could do in 6 years. The campaign also seems to be shaping up to have the same problem.
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