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  1. Man, I chose the wrong time to tune in. No gameplay on any of the 3 streams for 30+ minutes
  2. As someone who isn't good at this game, I ran into one of his smurfs and his movement was mind-blowing to play against.
  3. I wonder which COD pro is gonna be the first to go on twitter to complain about these Splyce guys shooting bodies in scrims lol
  4. Would Berserker not have a chance in a 3 way tie at 1-2?
  5. And fung four vs str8 should be streamed, as it's a close match for 2nd as well. Although I understand why they picked these matchups, as they have more big names.
  6. So far trifecta and fung four both look like they can challenge for a WB spot, unless it's just first series of the day things.
  7. First series to not be a 3-0, and both games were incredibly close.
  8. Oof that .34 kd by Colt might be the worst series statline I've seen on broadcast
  9. Is it safe to say Tox is closer to NV and Rec than they are to Splyce? Those were all 6 or 7 game series.
  10. Hey now, don't forget Royal 2 is the GOAT radar watcher.
  11. Well, seems more people enjoyed when Clg/Optic got the 4-0.
  12. Is Rec underrated or is RNG overrated? That series had 4-1 or 4-0 written all over it.
  13. Man, that's gotta be frustrating for Rec, most of those losses were so close.
  14. Order would be:Map count between the 3 teams Map count overall in the pool 1 game of slayer (random map) between each tied team And if they split those games 1-1 each, it goes to total spread in those slayer games. If still tied, they do another round of slayer on a different map.
  15. Ties would be the biggest issue, although luckily that won't be the case here. The worst case would be a 3 way tiebreaker at 2-1, which would be a frustrating way to go out.
  16. So far: CLINCHED: Splyce, Str8 Tox Rec Envy ELIMINATED: Berserker, Fable Mindfreak Myztro Immunity
  17. I've found it's hard to find the brackets on mlg unless you have the direct link, for COD as well. And yeah, it would be nice to have a table for the pool play page.
  18. So did spartan go soaring due to the melee or from a thrust?
  19. Tox just can't get into their dominant set-ups as well with how fast Splyce play. A key part of their dominance is being good enough to play 3v4 while Royal 2 sneaks into a dominant position, and then collapsing in for a clean wipe when everyone is weak, but there's just not enough time against splyce to get the best positioning.
  20. Frosty and snakebite are a pretty great duo when they do play $2s as well, but they don't play anywhere near as much of that.
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