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  1. Given that game crashes on PC have been known for weeks now, I'd assume the blame is spread between enough people up the management chain that nobody would be fired.
  2. That's rough, wasn't faze up 90-40 that round or something?
  3. I was under the impression this kind of geofiltering is done by editing the hosts file on the computer manually. The others (like Snip3down) don't believe Matt did it to cheat in the qualifiers, only to have better ping in ranked, and then forgot to fix it for the qualifier. Then (EDIT: after the geofiltering accusations came out), it comes down to whether you believe Royal 2 completely forgot about modifying the hosts file that he had done a few days before, or if he figured he could keep it a secret to avoid punishment.
  4. They're just gonna win anyway and we'll get the ultimate smug Lethul
  5. Looking at one of the wikis, it appears to be 8 NA (top 4 qualifier, top 4 points remaining), 4 EU (2 and 2), 3 LA (2 and 1), and 1 APAC (qualifier winner, which is Nutribullet).
  6. Man, I chose the wrong time to tune in. No gameplay on any of the 3 streams for 30+ minutes
  7. As someone who isn't good at this game, I ran into one of his smurfs and his movement was mind-blowing to play against.
  8. I wonder which COD pro is gonna be the first to go on twitter to complain about these Splyce guys shooting bodies in scrims lol
  9. Would Berserker not have a chance in a 3 way tie at 1-2?
  10. And fung four vs str8 should be streamed, as it's a close match for 2nd as well. Although I understand why they picked these matchups, as they have more big names.
  11. So far trifecta and fung four both look like they can challenge for a WB spot, unless it's just first series of the day things.
  12. First series to not be a 3-0, and both games were incredibly close.
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