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  1. Has anyone else noticed the date on that sais April 11th 2016? Edit: Unless it means November 4th?
  2. Don't post here often just lurk but saw that rammy was running with T2 and can confirm hes damn good. Met him at a local LAN in San Antonio(might have been his first) and we were all really impressed. The LAN was streamed if anyone is interested in watching I can link it if the rebroadcast is still there but it was back in November.
  3. Just played a game of H2A because the servers are down. Can confirm I dont suck at aiming. In comparison H5 feels like aiming with peanut butter on the thumb sticks.
  4. Day 2 of release and i still hate the aiming. Feels like my controller is fighting me and ive never have had a problem aiming in any other halo game.
  5. Does the aiming feel sluggish to anyone else? It feels like every direction is slow turn. Ive never had a problem aiming in any halo game until now.
  6. Ohhh I thought this was the survey results from the feedback program.
  7. I just took the survey and I only had 3 of those questions so maybe they arent asking everyone the same things?
  8. Does anyone else just not have the urge to play this game or am I the only one? I literally have my xbox 5 feet away from me and have no desire to play. When I was playing Halo 3 when it came out it was like crack to me.
  9. Team Name: Awaken Winner: Awaken Round Number: 1 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games)
  10. Does anyone know exactly how it works? I just played a PGL 1v1 against BIGGS and I could tell he had a pretty good grasp on how the spawn system works trying to get a couple spawn snipes on me on shrine. Anyone care to shed some light on it so I could step up my 1v1 game?
  11. I think that a utility weapon that is a 3sk if all head shots and 4sk if one is a body shot could be cool if it had low AA and magnetism.
  12. Thinking about creating a new account to get a 50 in MLG again. Anyone want to play? Would prefer at least one partner to run with to help carry through the low level deranking or a higher account to avoid the whole thing. Just reply on here.
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